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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Although this class will get sweaty and a little messy, it starts with some sweet stretching for the shoulders, chest and wrists. Eventually as the flow builds, the heart rate picks up, providing a powerful cardio effect. You can expect your heart to be thundering inside your chest! This is definitely one of the most challenging but rewarding practices. You will feel exhilarated at the end.

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Annie Hebert
completed April 04, 2024
mutlu dinckok
wow I had forgotten how fast the pace is in this class. really delivers the cardio aspect. I like practicing this one from time to time. but not too often.
YOLANDA romero rey
this was superb.. i enjoyed it so much. Thanks Travis, i, myself, Im a yoga tteacher, but i feel so inspired aand challenged. now it is one of my favourites, can´t wait to start 108 program
Dana Sharkey
I typically really enjoy Travis's classes but I feel like this class was just trying to prove a point that yoga can be a 'workout' and it totally took me out of the flow with the running in place. If I want cardio, I'll go for a run. If I want yoga, I'd do another class.
Geraldine lecuyer louvel
Awesome, this class was so good! Thank you Travis!
Robyn Blair
Very happy I didn't chicken out on doing this this morning! What a great class!
Viktoria Werner
Oh wow I made it through the cardio class! i was terrified of the challenge but it was a great class! challenging sweaty, energizing Thank you Travis for a great experience of not giving up, always showing up and seeing how far one can get with small but steady steps
Macy Halford
Travis has ruined me for any other yoga instructor; his classes aren't classes; they're experiences, the cadence and rhythm of his voice perfectly calibrated to the action, his words of wisdom perfectly timed & always apropos. It's not exactly like having Matthew McConaughey teach you yoga, but ... almost! Thank you, Travis!
Nicole Villapiano
Challenging and sweaty class, but not technically difficult and easy to modify if needed! Loved it!
I love the program dont get me wrong. This is my 3rd week on the program. When does the body calm down and the aches and pains subside? :)
Ladies might wanna wear a sports bra haha those yogi sprinters got me boucin'
I hate this class but at the same time I love it. I just keep returning to this even though I know this is challenging and awful at some times. But I love sweating.
One of the best yoga session i have had.
This was one of my faves so far! Love these super challenging classes!! =)
I did it and enjoyed! Never before I enjoyed a cardio class....thank you!
I did it.. That one hour only one to one talk....soul and body.. Thanks for such beautiful class.. Thanks Travis..
Leveled up UY cardio for sure. Runners will wake you up if you aren't there already. Great sweat, fun class. If you can do sun salutations you can do this class!