Calming Energy

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.Calming <b>Energy</b>.
Calming Energy
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

We can all use a little calming energy in our lives. This practice combines relaxing pranayama techniques (including Bhramari Breath and Vishama Vritti with an emphasis on the exhales) as well as gentle physical movements to invite the nervous system into a balanced state. 

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Such gorgeous, soothing, settling class. Just brings you to the present, harnessing your breath and being very conscious of your body. Thanks, Brittany, for such a gem!!
Natania Cipriano
So soothing. Perfect for bedtime. Loved all that is included in this practice.
Renee Minor
So gentle and sweet....really enjoyed the flow and meridian massage points. Music was wonderful ty Renee
Magical. More Brittany!
Ingrid Koster
Just what I needed, calming, grounding. Love your voice so so so much!
I have to agree with the comments from Lorraine and Debra. Much needed on a day that required me to take it easy. This practice helped me to be more aware of what my body needed, and all the breathing exercises and gentle poses and self-massages gave me that and more. Thanks, Brittany!
Lorraine Jones
Britanny's classes always soothe me. She opens up my mind and body to my chakras and my spiritual self. I have found, since joining IDTV, that I gravitate towards certain teachers for how I'm feeling, and I always go to Britanny when I need to reconnect with myself. Thank you.
Debra Suganuma
So wonderful! I have never done bumble bee breathe before. Thank you so much for integrating the breathing with the meridian points and the gentle movement. I LOVED this class.