Calibrate to Your Heart

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.<b>Calibrate</b> to Your Heart.
Calibrate to Your Heart
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This 60 minute heart opening flow focuses on deep, energizing backbends. Warm the body wisely, targeting the shoulders and hips before exploring the peak poses of Viparita Dandasana and Mermaid Pose. Modify along the way, and regardless of the variations you explore, the invitation is to calibrate to the unique needs of your own heart. You’ll need 2 blocks for this practice.

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Marjan Buseyne
So beautiful class. Thanks to this heart moment I am breathing much more spaciously now. I come to appreciate why people love backbends so much. Thank you Lauren and all the yogi's for this class. Thank you. Namasté )(
Another exquisite hour with Lauren! Such a great heart-centered class particularly for the headstand guidance (pinky fingers inside, great tip!) and the Pisces in me loved the mermaid and fish poses! Thank you Lauren! I heart you!
Heart opening gem. Thank you <3
Judith Rich
This is Lauren at her best!!!! Wonderful class, perfect balance of strength and stretching. Great guidance, breathing and flow. Fundamental yoga taken up a notch. Namste!
Evelina Adomaityte
Loved this class, not only because after working in front of the computer the whole day it felt amazing for the body, but also because it had such a soothing effect for the mind.
What a wonderful flow. One of my favorites!
I'm in the middle of the 31 Days "Work out & Work In" programme and this class, which is my favorite one until now, is part of it. Thank you Lauren for this amazing, heart - opening class - especially during these times :)
Loved this! Great flow for the morning to open the heart and get good energy flowing. Thank you Lauren :)
One of mu fav....🙏🧘‍♀️
extremely clear instruction, peaceful, and made me laugh with the Mr. Ed lips when I wasn't expecting it. I think the laughter added to the depth of the practice
Hi Lauren, thank you so much for this beautiful class. You are a wonderful teacher and I enjoy practicing with you. Your classes are always unique and offer so much rejuvenation on every level of my being - true yoga. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and blessings to you. Samantha.
Perfect practice to start my day!
This session really opened me up in a way that was both challenging and compassionate. I like the inclusion of headstands and upward bow pose.
Such a beautiful practice. Definitely one of my favorites!
This practice felt great the morning after a deep Yin practice the night before.