Building Blocks Pt. 1
Hips & Hamstrings

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.Building Blocks Pt. 1<br/><b>Hips & Hamstrings</b>.
Building Blocks Pt. 1
Hips & Hamstrings
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

Even though advanced poses aren’t the goal of a yoga practice, there’s no question that learning how to do things we previously weren’t capable of feels amazing. This practice is designed to give you the tools to help you move in the direction of being able to accomplish a variety of deep folds and hip openers, including kurmasana (turtle pose), yogi dandasana (yogi staff pose), eka pada sirsasana (leg behind the head pose) and padmasana (lotus pose)

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Really effective hip & core class. I always come back to this one especially good when I’m tight from running
Thank you so much. I love the advanced levels from Brent. They help me to ground myself and to feel every cell of my body. Just great.
WOW, really challenging and advanced level..... lot of work remains to be done .... I know I have to process again& again ..... having still in mind that I do the bes that i Can.... thanks Brent for all your tips yu give with humble spirit to feel the micro adjustment and to try to go further 🙏🏻✨ ... I need to come back
Challenging yet accessible practice!
Shelby Peterson
I love his classes, he really explains things in a new way that helps me understand the poses even more
maria mendez
Ihave enjoyed every single one of your classes. The way you explain things makes me want to try everything. I feel powerful in your class and surprised myself with what I can do. Thank you and will do this class many times more!!
Brent, the more I practice with you, the more self-confident I become! Your way of teaching is so special: everyone can performe your challenging flows and poses, you keep everything simple and accessible for anyone. Many thanks, you are simply amazing!
Dear Brent, thank You for challenge. I faced my walls and passed through all of them. Looking forward for every class of Yours. All the best to You, dear Fellow Yogi!
The more I practise with you, the more inspired I am. I grew from intimidation to elation. Thank you.
Melissa Kearsing
Exactly what someone like me with chronic IT band issues needs. Thanks for your well thought out and beautifully transitioned flow, Bret! :) <3
Eden Moe Cohen
Can't express how much i enjoy Brent's flows, you really are the best!
Magdalena Górnicka
Brent! I feel more self-confident after doing this class. The way you introduce and explain the poses gives me belief I am able to do them myself. Such a great journey, thank you.
Jennifer Cevik
So nice to do class with you again. I love the challange. Thank you Brent
Anthony Pang
Had fun trying and will try again and again.
Extraordinary stuff as always. Again, again, again: Namaste, my friend.
Thanks Brent, for always challenging us. Even if I was not able to do some of the hardest variations to some of the movements in this practice, I was able to try them all in my own personal level, and I had an amazing time trying. There were to me a lot of laughs. One thing I notice after practicing with Brent, are breakthrough when doing other practices. He gives me the bases to improve and achive more advanced poses. Will come back to this one again and again
Martha Ledesma
I enjoy Brent's classes sooo much!! Thank you all