Bird's the Word

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Bird's the Word
Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

With grace and fluidity, find strength and flexibility during this 45-minute flow. Extend your limbs and your practice to the next level, one breath and one extension at a time, as you build toward postures such as Bird of Paradise. For this practice please have 1 strap and 2 blocks.

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Great moderate pace, playful, gets into the hips and sides. An energizing way to loosen up the body and test your balance. This will be a staple.
I would call it a fun session
This adds a little variety to the Yoga instructors roster. Spot on Power Yoga class till the end. Not to heavy on the upper body and with some nice flexibility and balancing poses. Nicely put together.
Good flow and sweat, nothing out of the ordinary, however I would call it heartbreaker class, because I thought we were going to slow down towards the end, but that wasn't the case :).