Don't Break

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Don't Break
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This power yoga practice led by Travis brings flexibility and resiliency to every muscle group in the body. Prepare to move through a fun and creative sequence challenging your strength, cardio and balance. After the body is invigorated and warm, you will improve your flexibility with deep, delicious floor stretches. 

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One of my absolute favorites….works through the entire body. A perfect blend of strength and stretching. I come back to this practice often…a good amount of challenge/sweat combined with deep stretching poses (frog, pigeon, broken toes:-).
Love this practice Travis, Gracias!
Buenísima! Gracias
Francesca Romana Onofri
That was what I needed. Thank you 😀
I have had a two week break from Travis because of family issues and has missed my daily yoga so very much. I have felt wooden with stress of late but after this amazing class I feel like I can take on anything ....added to my favourites Travis..thank you! Kath
I've done a variety of classes on the site- this is one of my favorites. No joint or muscle left untouched. Thank you!
Beautifuuul class and so many things combined in 60min: cardio, stretching, physical strength and mental strength through those yin poses.. Amazing! Thank you!
LOVE IT!!! Another favorite!! I was so groggy when I started but now I have a huge smile!
Very aggressive session. I now feel like punching a wall and getting into a fight. No time to go inward with all of the talking which adds to the aggression. Perhaps it should be renamed Pilates and yoga-like exercise. Some nice shoulder and toe stretches.
Ina Kristin Schülling
This was SO good. It is my favorite way to practice - lots of sweat, strength and lots of yummy stretching! I feel like each class is getting better and better in this Yoga Detox program. Love it!