Behind the Scenes PY108

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.Behind the Scenes <b>PY108</b>.
Behind the Scenes PY108
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
10 Mins
10 Minutes

It takes a village to create a life changing power yoga program like PY108, a 108 day power yoga program. This is the behind the scenes story…see YOU on the mat!

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samanta carpeggiani
Che cosa meravigliosa che hai fatto! Che grandioso progetto! Siete un grandissimo e bellissimo esempio di vita!
Thank you for putting in such effort and thought into a beautiful, transformative program! <3
Kamala Sharma-Wing
Thank you Travis for this video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. This is the first time it dawned on me the amount of effort it takes to produce your videos. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, I really enjoyed watching that. Tbh, I hardly ever watch the screen during my practices (as Travis’ cuing is so good), so I enjoyed catching moments whilst watching these 10 minutes. I do love the music though - the faster paced music definitely helps keep the momentum through some of the more difficult flows. And some of Travis’ commentary are becoming parts of my life - I’m a psychotherapist and have been known to use some of his wise words with my clients. 😊 So thank you.
Compelled to leave a comment and just say WOW!! Loved watching the behind the scenes. Kudos to all the team for such a great production! On week 9, aching a bit but loving it a lot. Thank you.
Thank you for going to so much effort to bring me my yoga classes! Amazing! No wonder I love them so much.