Bedtime Yoga

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.<b>Bedtime</b> Yoga.
Bedtime Yoga
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
20 Minutes

This yin yoga class is perfect for the end of day right before bed. By dissolving tension and stress, you will create the perfect environment for a refreshing night’s sleep. 

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Gently nice... Gracias
Wes Boyd
Relaxing and provides mush needed calmness and relief before bedtime.
Jazel Peterzell
I'm so happy I found this 20 min wind down sequence. I have the best sleep ever when I do these bedtime yin classes. It's the perfect way for me as a busy mom to end my day.
Nicky Breedt
Relaxing and very gentle. Love the beautiful quotes that Travis always shares.
Caron Lynn
Had the best sleep last night after doing this practice. The perfect complement to the Sleep Well yin yoga program. Love the Galileo quote.