Back It Up

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.<b>Back</b> It Up.
Back It Up
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

With so many postures activating the muscles of the front body, the modern yoga practice can sometimes lead to imbalances without us even realizing it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By approaching traditional postures in a slightly different way, this practice is designed to be a full tune-up for your posterior chain–i.e., your trapezius, rhomboids, spinal erectors, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

Not only will the practice help you develop a deeper awareness of many of the muscles that move and stabilize your spine, it will also help you to work safely toward achieving deeper backbends.

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I love this class!! Thank you Brent! Make more of these amazing videos! As a yoga teacher myself.. there are no studios were I can find classes like this. I am very grateful that Inner dimension tv has these classes!
Like alway, enlightened class from Brent 🥰🙏
Cristina Valsangiacomo
I found one of your classes on YouTube yesterday and after doing it, that’s when I finally bought a subscription to innerdimensiontv (I was pondering since a while due to a low budget). I think I found a new favorite teacher omg!! Your classes are just incredible.
Godon Benoit
Avec les cours de Brent , on apprend à se surpasser et notre pratique s’améliore toujours davantage. Impossible de s’ennuyer et quel challenge ! Mon professeur de power et Ashtanga préféré. Merci et on en veut encore plus de cours comme ça 😊
Evi Papp
Brent, your classes always are wonderful and sooo challenging. Thank you so much, I loved it!!!
Loved it! Fav class of his thus far!
Russell Robinson
This was an excellent class. Brent is very precise in working the back body. It helped me grow my practice.
Morag Imogen Simpson-Mowday
Just beyond learning geometry for our bodies and souls.. these practices are beautifully and wisely taught. I feel like I am learning so much about the mechanics of my body in midlife and they are moving me to explore the human potential. Extremely helpful for me during a challenging time in my life - thank you so much.
This practice totally surprised me! Much slower than what I tend to practice but felt amazing!
Indu gowda
Beautiful Practice! The Wheel pose feels Amaaaazzzzingggg! Thank you!!
I didn't know I needed it - such a refreshing class! I feel safer in backbends in my everyday practice with this new (for me) approach to activating the back, thank you!
So creative. So well sequenced. And its like you were in my head, your cues were so perfectly timed! We are lucky to have you on this platform.
Donna Bond
Like an elixir for my back and shoulders. Thanks, Brent.
Subhashini Mahadevan
Thank you Brent for such a beautiful practice!!!
Aurore Padenou
It was the most terrible yoga session of my life probably... I almost hated every second of it, not because of the practice which is great but because all these positions are so uncomfortable to me which I guess means that I need much more of those cause it's what my body needs... So I'll do it again and maybe one day I will enjoy it and be able to stay more than 10 seconds in a wheel. Thank you for pushing us to explore new horizons
Lynn Mignola
Always amazing. Thank you.
Francis Occena
Absolutely fantastic. Thank you Brent!