Ashtanga Primary Series

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.<b>Ashtanga </b>Primary Series.
Ashtanga Primary Series
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Devoted practitioners of hatha yoga will, at some point, learn the Ashtanga Primary Series. This is a long and challenging practice that offers a wide variety of benefits, including greater strength & flexibility, increased stamina, improved immune system functionality, as well as reduced stress and deeper focus. If this foundational practice is calling to you, this is a great way to dive in.

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I love this practice! It's tough, but Brent is so comforting in his style that I'm happy to spend this hour with him, struggling and sweating and surprising myself at what I can do. Thank you, Brent.
This practice was like a joke... on me. Amd i loved it. Couldnt do much, tried everything and watched for myself like Brent suggested, but i had a lot of fun. Despite i was not laughing through this practice but just moan and groan i definitely will go back to it and master as much as possible for me. Thank You Brent for stretching my mind. It has been honour to practice with You. HariOM!
Aenea Lamia
Exceptional class, guided by an exceptional teacher... I'll be coming back to it regularly! I couldn't do a lot of the poses and transitions, and what fun it is to be challenged in novel ways! I'm looking forward to building my capacity with this class. Thank you so much Brent <3
Agustín Pozzetti
This is the first time on my life I spend 1/4 of the class sitting on the mat unable to do most of the poses and just watching. You have to have as much openness in the knees as in the hips, that it was impossible to me. The thing is that the other classes are not much of a problem for me; but this is. It must be something in the middle between the intro series and this class, I want to get there. Any suggestions?
Hello Brent, I am hopeful that you will soon do a full primary series video with the traditional breath count. I am an Ashtanga practitioner and would love to go back to my regular daily practice. It has been fun to do the Level Up program, but I miss Ashtanga.
Ashtanga is a challenging practice so for many people seems way too far for humans possibilities but give it a shot, especially with Brent! He is a super pro teacher but knows perfectly that takes time to get there and I found this class super reassuring and I had a lot of fun too. Just do what you can and live the door open! Thank you Brent!
I want to do this, but it’s way too intimidating. I scrolled through and it doesn’t seem like modifications are offered if you’re looking to build up to the poses.
Incredible. Woiuld be great to be capable to do it 5-10 years. Great teacher & great music
I will do what he recommended and eat soup before trying this again in order to conquer the lotus twist bind nightmare. Thanks
So challenging.... but it was worth diving in...
Great instruction - difficult for me -my mind was there but my body was not. I am feeling awakened after .