Add One Isometric Flow

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.<b>Add One</b> Isometric Flow.
Add One Isometric Flow
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

If you liked “All Around Flow” then you will love this one! Another creative flow within familiar yoga postures, this gem is designed with the intention of building on the previously introduced pose. This class will challenge you in all the right ways and don’t be surprised if you reach for the pause button or find yourself in child’s pose throughout the practice.

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Another "deceivingly challenging" class that looks harmless but becomes more and more demanding as it progresses. But in a great way, at the perfect pace and with the right cues. Thanks, Byron, for yet another wonderful class that pushes our bodies a bit towards the edge, with the great sense of safety by being in your hands. Namaste!
Awesome Byron. I love your class.. Thank you very much. Blessings
Truly amazing, gently challenging practice. Thank you, Byron <3
Rosana Cohen
Outstanding practice! Byron your voice is just like perfume. The poses are done in a clear way and I believe everything is possible. Thank you Looking forward to more
Another masterpiece by Byron. Wow!! I am really blown away. This class is perfection. Thank you for om'ing in all your classes, I appreciate it so much. Namaste.
Absolutely love this class and keep returning to it!
Great. I really like your sessions. This one began a bit slow for a bit too long but once it picked up it was good. I think you are the only teacher who consistently respects om-ing. I look forward to more classes with you as learn to add different kinds of poses with variations.
thank you Byron , another great moment of calm and great work!
Loved every movement and every hold! Great flow. Thank you!
A wonderful and complete flow for the entire body!
Ingrid Raknes
Left me feeling calm and strong. Definitely going to do this flow again!
I love Byron's classes! Was wondering if Byron could do a program with the duration of "Level Up 108". It would be lovely if I could start every day with a Byron-led flow! Greetings, and keep up the good work <3
Ahhhhh. I just came back to ID and was happy to see some practices from Byron. MOST excellent! Great all around layered flow. Thank you.
What a flow with calmness and focus! Thank you Byron for your guidance 🙏🏽
You are amazing. No rush. Calm talking and dynamic flow. The best. Thank you
Love the unilateral strength challenge throughout this flow, so creative!❤️🙏
Stephanie Smits
Wonderful slow paced flow, but challenging nontheless. Now I feel calm and alive at the same time.