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Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
60 Minutes

An important part of transformation is being ok with changing course. And sometimes that means we need to slow down in order to cultivate true balance within. In this gentle and yin yoga combination class, Brittany will guide you through calming movements and relaxing stretches to help you absorb what you need for transformation and leave behind what no longer serves you. Through this balancing practice, invite yourself to be a little more adaptive so that rather than forcing change to happen, you simply allow transformation to unfold.

Props: 1 or 2 blocks

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Margrit Schlatter
A wonderfully satisfying practice! Thank you!🙏
Julie Lilienthal
Muchísimas gracias for this loving compassionate practice. such a grateful. Sending much love from El Salvador.
Suzi Joseph
Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️ What an amazing class! Thank you for your Wisdom🙏
Natania Cipriano
Beautiful class. I was fully aware of when my body and mind began to shift to slowness. Took time, but I arrived there. Thank you!
Barbara Rodi-Dupee
Wow! What an amazing class. This is now one of my favorites. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
Chris Gia
Thank you for a calming and nourishing practice with a very important reminder: to really show up for ourselves!
Beautiful class. Perfect for the days I want to go within and move slow. Thank you Brittany. Namaste.
Perfect practice after a busy, love, love it! Thank you so much
Thank you for all of your classes Brittany. You have no idea how much I needed this today and I'm so grateful I was led right here to this practice.
Love Brittany's style and this class is wonderful. Great music and feel so good after!
Perfect class! I finished up LU day 107 on Monday and did this practice yesterday. I didn’t want to go a day without yoga and this was the perfect balance of yin and gentle; no DW dogs, which was great since I wanted to rest my wrists before today 108 sun salutations. Brittney cues are clear and easy to follow and keep up with.
Perfect practice for after a run. Thanks for this Brittany.
Claudia Gabler
Thank you Brittany - I love this calming and relaxing class, teaching me kindness and self-compassion. Namaste.
Dimitra Kalliga
Such a lovely practise, thank you a lot
Excellent class! What a treat to my body. Thank you, Brittany!
You are just wonderful. Thank you.
I love all of Brittany's classes, so soothing and gentle, yet still powerful. I very much needed to dial back today and not just power through on auto pilot. This was a treat. Thank you