Inner Reflections
September 4, 2023

YOGA NIDRA Series with Erin

We’re sharing some special excerpts from Erin’s “A Guided Journey into Deep Restoration” Series, exclusively on Inner Dimension TV. We hope you enjoy previews from this 40-day meditationseries and try for yourself!


During the recent live Community Conversation, Erin delves into her latest series, “A Guided Journey Into Deep Restoration,” and provides detailed insights into how the practice of Yoga Nidra fosters profound serenity in the mind, body, and soul.


Get a glimpse into the “Enter The Heat” practice, a guided Yoga Nidra class centered around your heart. As a unique ritual, we encourage you to light a candle, representing the inner flame of your heart. Prepare for a practice that will leave you feeling relaxed and completely at ease.


Watch the clip from the “Sacred Sound Of You” class, where you’ll be guided into a deeper connection with your true self through mantra and focused breathing, all within the comforting ambiance of your Nidra Nest.

Make sure to check out Erin’s new Yoga Nidra Series, “A Guided Journey into Deep Restoration” streaming exclusively on Inner Dimension TV