Inner Reflections
January 21, 2020

The Presence Meditation

The ancient yogis believed much of our suffering comes from dwelling on regrets of the past or anxieties of the future. The more we train our focus to be in the moment, the more our happiness develops and grows.

In this meditation, Travis will guide you to strengthen presence inside of your mind by using the technique of gentle noting.

This meditation is from Travis’ NEW program Level Up 108. Level Up 108 is a 108 day comprehensive yoga journey for students ready to take their practice to the next level.

Hope you enjoy!

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[The following is the full transcript of this meditation of “The BE ULTIMATE Podcast.”]

Welcome to The PRESENCE Meditation.

Go ahead and find a comfortable seated position and a nice place to rest your hands in your lap or on your knees, feel free to close your eyes as you start to bring your awareness and your attention inward and inside.

So often throughout our day and really through our life, our mind is stuck in the past dwelling on things that have happened earlier in the day or for some people they are thinking about things that happened months or even years ago.

Or very often, the mind is thinking about things that haven’t even happened, worries about the future, stressed and anxious about things. This meditation becomes a powerful opportunity to focus on just being present, so we call it the Presence Meditation.

So as you continue to keep the eyes closed and the awareness inward, almost like the repetition of a mantra or an affirmation begin to repeat the word “Presence. Presence. Presence.”

Allow there to be a little gap between the repetition.

It’s almost as if you’re dropping a pearl into a body of water, and there’s that moment where the pearl touches the water and it sends a ripple all the way out to the outer edges of the water. And then when the water becomes completely still again, then you repeat the word “presence.”

The important thing is between the repetition of “presence,” you allow the mind to become very, very still, bring special extra attention to the stillness.

You continue to repeat slowly, softly, steadily just repeating over and over and over again.


If at any point, you notice the mind drifting away from the repetition and you noticed your mind moving back into the past, maybe you started thinking about something that’s already happened, you can gently note it by saying “past, past.”

And then come back to repeating the word “presence, presence.”

Or if the mind starts thinking about things, future events, imagining things, wondering how you’re going to deal with certain situations that are maybe going to come up and you start going into the future, then you could gently note that by saying “future, future.”

So you become aware of when your mind leaves the present moment and that’s very important.

You’re training your mind to come back to where your life is always unfolding, in this moment, right here, right now, the power of now.


Continue for these last couple of minutes, staying with the practice, keep dropping the pearl. “Presence. Presence.”


Nice and easily, allow the repetition of presence to fade away but continue to stay present. And feel the presence without even having to call it out, to whisper it.

Who you really are is presence. And on a deeper level, it’s the most effortless thing possible. It’s just who you are. It’s pure presence. Pure awareness.

Take a deep inhale through the nose. And now out the mouth, exhale. Let it go. And with presence, slowly open up your eyes.

As you move into the rest of the day continue to be present.
Notice when you do have those moments to check out, a lot of times, it’s in transition. When we’re transitioning from one thing to the next or doing something very mundane or ordinary, that we check out, the mind starts drifting away. And then you catch it, you notice it, and you bring it back to the present moment. And this will greatly benefit the quality of your attention and therefore the quality of your life.

So keep showing up, keep leveling up, and see you on the mat.