Inner Reflections
February 12, 2024

The Power of Love

Love is not an emotion, a romantic notion; it is a living, organically powerful energy that holds together the fabric of the created world. Love is what we are. The world is looking for love masters, and each of us is that potential love master. Five years ago, I founded Sahel Sage, not out of fear that the world needs saving, but out of the desire to serve an emerging paradigm of love, connectedness, and generosity of the heart.

The primary mission of Sahel Sage is to increase the retention of adolescent girls in school in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso by removing the barriers to education. This is crucial in a nation where the young population is its beating heart, with over 65% under 18 years old. Our initiatives extend beyond conventional support. Sahel Sage not only provides essential school supplies and tuition, but also addresses immediate needs like food, clean water, vocational training, and mentorship programs. Crucially, we recognize the significance of menstrual hygiene, supplying feminine hygiene products to ensure girls can attend school without hindrance, and we continually listen to the girls, and local communities to ensure what we provide and how we provide it is what is needed. 

For Sahel Sage, fostering the education of girls in the Sahel is more than a mission; it is an active demonstration of love. It is our pathway to share our gifts, talents, and skills to contribute to establishing a society enlightened by knowledge and wisdom, and free from the shadows of extreme poverty. Becoming a love master is about transcending the egocentric “I” and “mine” perspective for a world centric “We” perspective. Our commitment is to help create a world where women, alongside all members of society, can flourish and realize their fullest potential.

In 2023, one of our proudest achievements is the remarkable 80% success rate our Sahel Sage girls achieved in the BEPC middle exam, soaring high above the national average of 38% in Burkina Faso. This achievement is not just a number; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to what love in action can accomplish. It marks not only academic success but the ushering of our first cohort into higher education.

Today, the context in which we operate cannot be ignored. Burkina Faso is facing the worst security crisis in its history, and international aid for the Burkinabè is scarce. Yet, our commitment remains unshaken. Known as ‘the land of Upright People,’ Burkina Faso is renowned for its resilience and hospitality. By fostering education, we are nurturing seeds of self-determination and emancipation, sowing a future ripe with potential and possibility.

The rising of fully alive, empowered, accomplished, and healed women at this time of human history speaks to the possibility of a real civil society in which love, and compassion are the foundation. The impact extends beyond individuals, reaching families, communities, and countries. 

To educate a woman is to educate a nation.

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