Inner Reflections
March 11, 2024

The Importance of Anatomy

Why is anatomy important? If I could pinpoint it down to one reason and one word, it would be SAFETY. The level of safety a student feels in their practice tremendously affects the quality of their experience AND their potential to experience transformation on (and off) their mat. 

Over the course of my Practical Anatomy Training, streaming now exclusively on Inner Dimension Academy, I am going to share with you as much as I possibly can anything and everything I know about the human anatomy and yoga asana to be safe. When we feel safe, we can relax, we can let go, we can breathe with our full diaphragmatic range of motion which allows our nervous system to be at ease.

As a Yoga instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Functional Strength and Conditioning coach, I have been a personal trainer for over a decade and have spent thousands of hours teaching and guiding movement. Since the age of 15, I have dedicated most of my life to exploring human movement and biomechanics, developing my mind and body for optimal physical strength, power, endurance, and resiliency.

My passion for movement runs deep, and I am very much looking forward to diving deep with you in this module. Over the course of this self-paced training, you will acquire an extensive understanding of human biomechanics as it relates to yoga asana, as well as how to effectively integrate these teachings into your personal practice, and classes, whether you consider yourself a student, a teacher, or both.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share with you in this way, and to support you on your journey with yoga and self-study. Dedication to your personal practice, as well as consistency, and discipline are key ingredients to truly evolving and growing as a student, and as a teacher. I hope that you find many golden nuggets of inspiration within and throughout this training. See you on mat, with peace, and love.

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By Mychal