Inner Reflections
October 27, 2021

The “Boundless” Meditation

When we become trapped in our small limited self we forget our true nature. This is a common symptom of stress. In this meditation, Travis will guide you to find the freedom of connecting to the boundless dimension of pure consciousness.

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[The following is the full transcript of this episode of “Dare to Awaken Podcast.”]

Welcome to the Boundless Meditation. When we become trapped in our small, limited self, we forget our true nature, and therefore we feel an inner conflict and dissonance. In this meditation, I will guide you to find the freedom of connecting to the boundless dimension of pure, unlimited consciousness. Go ahead and find your seat, allow yourself to get settled, and as you’re ready, closing the eyes. From here, take an inhale through the nose for the count of one, two, three, four, brief pause, and then out the nose, exhale for four, three, two, one. Few more like that. Inhale for one, two, three, four, and exhale out for four, three, two, one. Inhale, one, two, three, four. Exhale, let it go, four, three, two, one. Last time. Inhale, one, two, three, four. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Take a deep inhale through the nose, filling the lungs up with breath and then out the mouth, exhale side out, letting go of any tension, any stress. Begin to allow the breath to move in and out of the body in a natural, organic, and effortless way without shaping or controlling the breath at all. Trust that your breath knows what to do. Allow your breath to breathe you instead of you breathing it.
From here, gently bring your attention all the way up to the region of your head, feeling the space inside of your skull, feeling the space behind the forehead and the eyes and between the ears, feeling the space within the cavity of the mouth, the hinge of the jaw. Feeling the space down in the region of your throat and your neck. See if you can also feel the space now within your shoulders, your upper arms, all the way down towards the elbows, forearms, the wrists, the hands, and even the knuckles, the knuckles lined up along the fingers. Feel that quality of spaciousness throughout the whole entire arm area.
Feel the space in your upper shoulders, your upper back. Feel the space between your shoulder blades and the back of your heart. Feel that openness all the way down the middle, back, the back ribs, and all the way down and to the lower back and around the kidneys.
Perhaps you can even feel the space between the vertebra of your spine.
Feel the space within the area of your chest and your heart and your lungs. Any armor, any protection around your heart, see if you can allow that to dissolve away so that your heart becomes less contracted and more expansive, more open, open to the moment to moment unfolding that’s happening right here and right now.
Feel that space as the breath flows in and the diaphragm floats down, how the ribs swing open. And the ribs swing gently back in, almost like a revolving swinging door, moving with the wind, the wind of breath.
Feel the spaciousness within your belly. Feel the openness all the way down in the region of the pelvis, what’s sometimes called the pelvic bowl. Feel the space within the hips and the glutes, the upper legs, the thighs, all the way down to the knees, down the shins and the calves, eventually arriving all the way down at your ankles and your feet and the space between the tendons of the feet, the space between the toes.
And now, can you feel the entire field of your body, the whole terrain of the body, spacious, open, moving more and more away from density to lightness and levity? Perhaps feeling a vibratory connection where the body becomes less material, less about form, and more about vibrating energy. Feel how your whole entire body is made of 99,99% space within the atoms and the molecules that make up this physical body. Feel the alive presence right now within this connection of you.
And now, can you feel the space around this body, feel that quality of spaciousness extending out to the parameters of your immediate environment? Perhaps the walls around the room that you’re currently in. If you’re in an outdoor area, feeling the space around that immediate environment. And feel the spaciousness of your body immersed within the spaciousness of your external environment, space internally, boundless space externally. As you now allow that quality of spaciousness to extend even further than your immediate environment to the location of the town or the city that you’re located in, spreading out to the state or the province that you reside, spreading all the way out throughout this entire country that you live in. These boundaries that we create are manmade and ultimately don’t define us. It’s part of the illusion, the illusion of what’s known as Maya. And so we pierce through that illusion, that illusion of separateness, allowing ourselves to feel the spaciousness transfer beyond the limitations and the walls and the boundaries of our countries and now feeling the spaciousness throughout the whole entire globe, a whole entire world.
And then can you feel that spaciousness expanding even further within this whole entire solar system, spanning throughout the whole entire galaxy, and expanding eventually throughout the whole entire universe, which knows no limits. Feel yourself connected to that dimension of pure consciousness, of pure awareness, beyond time, beyond place, and even beyond space. Feel this dimension that you’re connected within, bigger than any thought. Any physical sensation, any emotion, any feeling, any past, future, or present event bigger than any challenge or any struggle, these are all impermanent. These are like tiny raindrops swallowed up by the boundlessness of the ocean, that ocean of pure consciousness. Can you rest in this? Can you surrender into this? Can you yield to this? Can you dissolve into this?
And as you stay connected, beginning to repeat the phrase internally and silently, “I am boundless consciousness, I am boundless consciousness, I am boundless consciousness,” on your own, feeling it, thinking it, repeating it, but most importantly, experiencing it. I am boundless consciousness.
If your mind becomes swept away by the thoughts of virtual reality, thinking, and stories, remember, those are just part of the illusion. Those are temporary, the raindrop. Let that go and come back to that experience of residing in that boundless consciousness. Identify less with the raindrop and identify more with being connected to the ocean, the ocean of awareness.
Good. And then allow the repetition of the phrase to slowly fade away, leaving nothing but just pure, unlimited, boundless space.
From here, take a deep inhale through the nose, and out the mouth, exhale side out, let it go. Beautiful. From here, slowly open up the eyes, bringing this connection to your inner, true, unlimited nature with you into the rest of your day. Thank you for your practice.