Inner Reflections
November 27, 2023

Stability and Flexibility

Have you ever noticed tightness in your hips and have looked for a class just to target this area? Or sore shoulders from multiple rounds of vinyasa and wanted a class to target just your shoulders? You may be looking for a class to target your feet for mobility and balance. 

That is exactly why I created the Stability and Flexibility in Seven Parts Series, streaming exclusively on starting this Wednesday (November 29, 2023). When a particular body part needs your love and attention – I have you covered with these seven practices. This series gives you bite-sized (20-minute) classes focusing on one particular body part at a time! Each class targets a specific area of your body to address underlying tension in that area. 

Your body is not simply a sum of parts! Each of your muscles, joints, fascia, and tissues works collectively to produce movement. So, as we work on a particular body part, we will take moments to touch into the rest of the body, to steep into breath, and integrate movement at the surrounding joints – because our body does not work in isolation! Some classes even feature mini drills that you can take from the class and practice separately to improve mobility and strength in a body region. The series addresses the body in seven regions: 

Strong Feet, Grounded Base – allows you to ground and connect into building strength & balance in your feet.

Yin Knees – features postures with longer holds, addressing the muscles & fascia above and below your knees (great for the day after a long hike!).

Hip Magic – a gentle class allowing you to integrate aspects of releasing tension in the body and processing emotions.

Psoas Love – targets the large hip flexor muscle which is closely connected to the low back.

Neck & Shoulder Bliss – a gentle class allowing you to soothe the area of the upper traps – the place between the neck and shoulders where we hold so much tension.

Shoulder Joy – release the shoulders with a taste of power yoga followed by deep yin-style shoulder opening postures.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart – a gentle class addressing wrist and finger mobility and strength with a connection to the heart center. 

You can approach the series by going directly to a class you know your body needs or completing all seven practices in sequence. If you choose to complete all seven practices, I encourage you to reflect on which classes felt soothing in your body.  Be sure to revisit the classes as often as you need or pair them with other classes or activities!

I hope these classes bring healing and a renewed connection to your body and all its parts!

Don’t miss Stability and Flexibility in Seven Parts Series, streaming exclusively on starting this Wednesday (November 29, 2023).

By Christine