Inner Reflections
April 25, 2020
Episode 68

Power Yoga “Eye of the Storm” | Day 6 Digital Retreat

Welcome to Day 6 Power Yoga “Eye of the Storm” (90min.) and the “Pause” Meditation (20min.)!!!

Power Yoga “Eye of the Storm”
This epic 95-minute power yoga class will take you through the storm of challenge and intensity. The greater the challenge the greater the reward. This practice will reward you with strength, muscle tone, and calmness. Highlights include Eagle, Warrior 3 Pulse, Yogi Squat wrap, Horse Stance Side Ab flow, and Martial Arts Stretch.

“Pause” Meditation
This meditation allows you to discover calmness, even in the midst of a busy day, by energetically pressing the pause button. Suitable for all levels, this guided meditation provides powerful training to dissolve stress and promote peace of mind.

Excited to share this week long digital retreat with you.

These classes are also available on my YouTube channel if you prefer a visual reference to instructions.

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See YOU on the mat!
-Travis Eliot

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