Inner Reflections
January 29, 2024

Mindfulness can help with Test Prep

For better or worse, test taking is part of the academic rigor students must face along their educational journey. For many, test preparation and test taking induces stress and anxiety. Knowing that the Inner Dimension TV community is made up of parents and students, I created this extensive series to support your entire family along your educational journey.

Test Prep is a 5-part mindfulness series for students and their parents comprised of meditations to help lay the groundwork for before, during, and after a test. The series is made up of 5 distinct sections so you can choose which meditation to practice based on your current study and test prep needs.

Section one is designed to offer support before and after a study session. Section two is made up of mindfulness practices to help improve emotional resiliency. Section three provides short and simple meditations for guidance before a test or even while in the midst of a test to help students re-focus, stay centered, and relax. Section four includes meditations encouraging groundedness and centering after a test. Then lastly, section five is a quick-practice “tool kit” made up of simple practices such as a 60-second focus and a memory boost before bed practice.

While this series was created with students in mind, these meditations can easily be applied to anyone preparing for a major presentation at work or any other event that calls for preparation, focus, clarity and confidence.

This series also includes a few practices specifically for parents with children facing major academic moments of stress.

This mindfulness series is intended to help increase focus and concentration and may even improve memory, but is mostly geared to support you or your students’ overall health and well-being. One study demonstrated that students who practiced meditation before taking the GRE experienced a 30% increase in their test scores. So, while this series is intended to support your mental and emotional wellness, it may also support improved test scores and outcomes with consistent practice.

A regular practice helps increase the benefits you experience from meditation and allows those benefits to become long-lasting. By practicing daily, you are laying a foundation that will be there to support you when you most need it, such as before or during a test. A daily practice will make all the difference, no matter how short it may be.

And last but not least, get clear about WHY you are practicing. If you have a clear why, it will motivate you to practice and stay committed.

So, if you’re ready to get clear on your why, test better, feel better, and improve your focus, concentration and memory, let’s get started!

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By Lauren