Inner Reflections
March 25, 2024

Fountain of Youth

Ever since Yin Yoga miraculously cured a serious knee injury, I’ve been a dedicated Yin Yoga practitioner and teacher. On a daily basis I hear from students around the world also sharing their stories of the profound and healing effects of this special style of yoga. When you hold a passive stretch for about 90 seconds or longer you begin to promote healing in the deep fascia through the activation of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This internal alchemy of events can slow down the aging process and, in some cases, even reverse it, hence why I often call it, “The Fountain of Youth.”

In my new yin series “The Fountain of Youth,” I’ve created several 20-minute practices for you to enjoy on a daily basis. Each class will take you through a sequence of deep stretches to promote healthy connective tissue, optimal range of motion, a balanced nervous system, and a calm mind. I recommend practicing these classes right before bed to promote a good night’s sleep, another powerful elixir!

For this series, I’ve chosen to do it “Zen Style,” which means I provide minimal cues. I’ll guide you into the pose and then invite you to sink deep into stillness and silence. Lastly, prepare to be transported to stunning Ubud, Bali where we created this magical series.

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By Travis