Inner Reflections
April 20, 2020
Episode 63

Power Yoga “Equanimity” | Day 1 Digital Retreat

Welcome to Day 1 Power Yoga “Equanimity” (90min.) and Meditation (20min.)!

Power Yoga “Equanimity”
Yoga is about moving through adversity with equanimity. In this 90-minute power yoga class Travis will help you practice this. See if you can keep the breath steady and the mind equanimous through dynamic flows, upper body strengthening, and balancing poses where your mind better be on point. This class is the perfect practice for bringing skillfulness to life.

“Equanimity” Meditation
Equanimity is a wonderful quality, bringing steadiness to the mind. Equanimity also brings a certain balance to the heart allowing us to respond rather than react. Through the highs and lows, pleasure and pain, praise and blame —the mind can be trained to become like a steady candle flame, unaffected by the winds of change. In this meditation, Travis guides you to cultivate a peaceful mind and a balanced heart.

Excited to share this week long digital retreat with you.

These classes are also available on my YouTube channel if you prefer a visual reference to instructions.

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See YOU on the mat!
-Travis Eliot

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