Inner Reflections
July 8, 2024


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” — African proverb

It can be tempting to think we are better off alone. We are in control of our schedule, of our product, of our progress. We can check up on ourselves, hold ourselves accountable and manage every single detail of the process. Whether in your work, in your personal life or when trying to master a new skill, the first inclination is usually to ‘go it alone.’

When you care about quality and what you are sending out into the world, delegation is nerve-wracking and collaboration daunting. It is terrifying to release a part of your process to someone else and intimidating to rely on a partner.

Ego also plays a part, of course – my way is the better way; my standards are the only standards; I am the only one who can meet my standards.

Delegation and collaboration require a flexibility and open-mindedness that Ego simply has no room for.

There is something else that powering on alone does not leave room for. Growth, influxes of fresh and unexpected ideas, devil’s advocacy and objective accountability all come with opening the windows of your heart and your goals, and they all improve your process and your product. But more importantly, opening yourself to working with others ushers in support, camaraderie, light-heartedness, loyalty, and so much more!

What powering on alone does leave room for is burn-out, exhaustion, life imbalance, plateauing, feeling hopeless. For many, this becomes a wake-up call; an alarm bell signaling that the way they have been going about their process has stopped being beneficial to them and their work.

When you care about yourself and the quality of what you are sending out into the world, delegation is strategic and collaboration beautiful. It is daring to release a part of your process to someone else, and brave to rely on a partner. They are the vital steps you take to build on what you have achieved so far.

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By Jenny