Inner Reflections
November 12, 2019

The Be Ultimate Podcast: An AMAZING DAY Meditation

Start your day off right with this incredible meditation by Travis.

He will guide you through various practices including gentle breath work, energetic sweeping, gratitude, loving kindness, mental rehearsing and manifestation.

These techinques have a transformative and synergistic effect, and will leave you no choice but to have an amazing day!

This meditation is so powerful he recently taught it to prisoners in solitary confinement.

Enjoy this inspiring episode!

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FULL TRANSCRIPT   [The following is the full transcript of this episode of “The BE ULTIMATE Podcast.” Please note that this is direct from Travis speaking unscripted and unedited.]

Welcome to “An Amazing Day” meditation.

Let’s begin by finding a comfortable seated or kneeling position. Sitting up tall allowing the chest to broaden, to open up. Closing the eyes. Relaxing the face. And an invitation to begin to turn your focus and your attention inwardly.

In a few moments, we’ll begin to do some breathing together as a way to bring the mind into a greater state of evenness, balance, and equanimity.

So we’ll take a nice big inhale through the nose. Fill the lungs up with breath. And then out the mouth, exhale. Just let it all go. Just clearing the slate.

And then we’ll begin.

Inhale through the nose for one, two, three, four. Hold the breath in. And then out the nose, exhale. Four, three, two, one. Pause.

Inhale for one, two, three, four. Hold. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Pause.

Inhale. One, two, three, four. Hold. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Pause.

Inhale. One, two, three, four. Hold. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Pause.

Two more rounds.

Inhale. One, two, three, four. Hold. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Pause.

Last round. Inhale. One, two, three, four. Hold. Exhale out for four, three, two, one. Pause.

Take a deep inhale through the nose. Fill the lungs up with oxygen. And then out the mouth, exhale. Just let it all go.

And now taking several moments here to just be in the aftereffects of what you just did.


Now from here, on an inhale, sweep your arms up over your head. Interlace the fingers. Turn the palms inside out. Hold the breath for a moment. And then on the exhale, with the palms down, move your hands slowly all the way down, down, down towards the lower belly.

Four more like that.

Inhale. Sweep the arms up overhead. Interlace the fingers. Palms inside out, facing the sky. Hold the breath. And then with the palms down, exhale. Move the energy all the way down, down, down towards the lower belly.


Three more times. Inhale. Arms slowly glide up overhead. Interlace the fingers. Palms inside out. Hold.

And then on the exhale, move those hands all the way down.

Two more rounds.

Inhale. Circle those arms up overhead, interlace. Hold the breath for a moment at the top. The breath becomes still. The mind becomes still. And then on the exhale, move those hands all the way down.

One more time. Inhale. Reach those arms up overhead. Interlace the fingers. Pause the breath. Retain it. And then on the exhale, as you bring those hands down, it’s as if you’re just clearing your energetic field.

Keep the hands in the lap. Take another big inhale through the nose. And then out the mouth, exhale. Just let it all go. Just allow the breath to find its own natural rhythm. So your breath breathes you instead of you breathing it.

And with the mind balanced and your energetic field clear, from here, begin to reflect and contemplate upon one thing right now in your life that you are deeply, deeply grateful for. See what arises in your mind. See what arises within your heart. What are you grateful for right here, right now? And then in what ever way feels right for you, express gratitude for this. You may say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” just over, and over, and over again as you feel your heart swell with that energy of gratitude.


Beautiful. Now think about a second thing that you’re grateful for.

You see gratitude is like a muscle. And the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. The less we use it, the more atrophied it becomes. So let’s allow this gratitude muscle to become stronger. What’s another thing that you are deeply, deeply, deeply grateful for? And whatever that is, express. Express it. Give thanks. Express that gratitude in a way that feels authentic and powerful for you.


Good. And then finally, one last thing. A third thing that you feel grateful for. It doesn’t have to be profound. It can be simple. It could be your breath. It could be a person in your life. A teacher, a friend. Whatever it is that your intuition presents to you. What is another third thing that you are grateful for? And offer thanks. Give that gratitude. And feel your heart like a scope broadening and widening; opening up; becoming less constricted, and restricted, and knotted up. And allow the heart to keep broadening and opening up, so it becomes super, super wide. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Good. And then in that fullness of gratitude, take another big deep inhale through the nose. Come on. Pull the breath all the way down to the bottoms of your lungs. And then empty those lungs out. Just let it all go.

Whatever emotion is there, just let it be there. There’s no filtering. You’re not censoring the experience. Whatever you feel is arising for a good reason.

Now from here, I want to invite you to lift your hands right in front of your chest with your palms facing away from you, your elbows bent.

And if you are in a public space– maybe you’re on an airplane or standing in line somewhere– then just keep your hands in your pockets or down by your side, so people don’t start looking at you funny!

But if you are in a place where you feel safe, it’s private, hands right in front of you, palms turned out. And know that there’s an energy channel that runs right from your heart, down the arm, through the center of your palm. And this is the energy channel that healers work with to heal people. And in many cases, this is the energy channel that miracles are able to be performed through.

Feel the fullness of the heart. The heart is open. The hands are open. The fingers are spread wide like the rays of a sun. Imagine all this good energy that arises within your heart is unlimited. It’s boundless. It’s infinite. It’s pure. It’s clean. It’s divine. It’s strong. And it has the capacity to heal, to uplift, to inspire others. And I want to invite you to imagine this energy is shooting down from the heart, through the arm, out the palm, into the space around you where ever you are.

Begin to expand further beyond your immediate space. So it keeps expanding into the entire area of your town, your city. Keeps expanding through the entire country that you live in. Keeps expanding throughout the entire continent. And it keeps expanding further, and further, and further until it circles the whole entire globe.

And now this energy that you’re broadcasting into the field is becoming of service. It’s a benefit to all humans and really all life everywhere. And as you visualize this energy broadcasting out to the field, silently begin to repeat the phrase,

“May all beings everywhere know love, joy, and peace.”

“May all beings everywhere know joy, love, and peace.”

“May all beings everywhere know joy, love, and peace.”

And on your own, for a couple of minutes, just keep repeating, keep repeating. And know this energy that you’re sending out, it does not run out. It doesn’t lose steam. It doesn’t weaken. If anything, it just gets stronger and stronger. It’s like a light and the wattage burns brighter, and brighter, and brighter. Keep repeating over and over again.


Stay with it. Last several repetitions. Keep repeating. Keep repeating.


That’s it. Take another big inhale through that nose. And then out the mouth, exhale. Let it go as you relax your hands back into your lap, back onto your knees. And just rest. Take refuge. Several moments in the stillness, the quietness. That inner serenity and peace.


Beautiful. And with those lungs open, and that mind calm, and that heart wide and as broad as the world. Now it’s time to mentally rehearse. Now it’s time to use these powerful tools the yogis, and the ancient wisdom traditions, and now modern-day athletes are using to create the vision, to manifest the day, the life, the reality that you choose.

So now begin to mentally rehearse yourself moving through an event that you have planned for today. Something that you have to do. Somewhere where you have to go. And it might be something that’s challenging. It might be a meeting that you have to attend. It might be a job interview. It might be you going to do a yoga practice or an athletic endeavor. Something that you will be doing later today.

And begin to envision yourself– whatever this event is– excelling at it and moving through it as the best version of yourself. The version of you that’s healthy, strong, wise, compassionate, patient. See yourself moving through this event. Mentally rehearse it with as much detail as you can. And if any affirmations come up, if any words or expressions come up, you can use that as well. Go on. On your own, just envision yourself. Play this event out and rehearse it now in advance.



And begin to allow that vision to go. Allow the mind to clear.

Now I want you to think about a goal that you have for yourself, a goal that you want to achieve within about three to six months from now. So it’s not something that you’re going do today or even maybe this month. But this is a little bit down the road. Three to six months from now. Something that you want to achieve.

What could that goal be?

And then I want you to begin to envision yourself achieving this goal, whatever it is. It could be a relationship. It could be to manifest a certain amount of money. It could be to improve your health and your well-being. And whatever it is, begin to see yourself having this experience. Give gratitude for the event that’s happening as if it’s already happened in your life. And in whatever way works for you, with as much specificity as possible, play this scenario out as if it’s happening right here, right now in this moment.


That’s it. Good. And then we’re going move into one last mental rehearsal.

I want you to now think about one last goal, but this is even further down the road. This is about 6 to 12 months from now. So this is the kind of goal that might scare you a little bit when you think about it. Or you might have resistance or doubt that this could ever be done, because it’s far enough down the road. But it’s not unachievable. It’s not impossible. In fact, the word impossible means “I’m possible.”

So with this third goal, same thing. Envision yourself achieving this goal whatever it is. Nothing can stop you. You are unstoppable. This can be achieved. Play out this event and then just see. See what would your face look like as you achieve this? Who would the people that would be surrounding you as you achieve this– who would those people be? How would your relationships improve? What would your health be like? How would you carry yourself through life? How would you walk through the world? What kind of thoughts would you think? What kind of feelings and emotions would you have? And can you feel those emotions? Can you play out those thoughts? And can you give gratitude as if it’s already happened right here, right now? See it, feel it, believe it.


Good, you guys. Now let that go. Take a huge inhale through the nose and then out the mouth. Exhale. Let it go. And just drop into stillness. Drop into silence. Drop into the power of this moment, the present moment. Right here, right now.


Excellent work. Excellent practice today. Whenever you’re ready, slowly open up your eyes.

I wish you the most amazing day.