Inner Reflections
February 14, 2022

5 Tips for Choosing the Best YTT for You

Do you love yoga? Has the practice changed your life for the better? Do you feel a calling to learn more about this ancient healing lifestyle?  Maybe it’s time to dive deeper and immerse yourself in a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).  

A YTT is an intimate, life-transforming experience that has the ability to permanently enrich your life. There are so many YTT’s to choose from, and the quality of each one varies massively. As someone who has led them for many years, and seen the good, bad and ugly of the options out there, here are five recommended tips for choosing the best YTT for you.

1. Talk to your fellow yogis and yoginis about their recommended teachers.  Ask your friends and other newer teachers about the programs they would recommend.  Take a variety of online classes or in-person classes from the senior teachers in your hometown, and find out what style of yoga speaks to you.  A hatha training is very different from a vinyasa training, which is very different from a bhakti training.

2. Get on the phone, or have a one-on-one with the lead teacher.  You will be spending a minimum of 200 hours with the lead teachers.  That’s a LOT of time.  You need to find someone who you respect, and who’s personality meshes well with yours.  For in-person trainings, be very weary of any teacher who refuses to have a phone call or 5-10 min discussion with you.  It’s a very important decision and the teacher needs to answer your important questions.  Also, be VERY weary of anyone who is giving off a “guru” vibe.

3. You almost ALWAYS get what you pay for… The low-budget YTTs are almost always led by yoga factories, churning out certificates with lead teachers that have not been teaching for very long.  The most expensive YTTs aren’t necessarily the best, but in my experience the least expensive ones are not reputable and require some due diligence.

4. Be CLEAR on your end goal/intention.  There are many wonderful yoga teacher trainings that offer the student a beautiful immersion, but are not necessarily preparing the students for the real world.  Do you want to teach?  Are the graduates of the schools going out into the world and having success?  Do you want a month-long immersion, or a 3-month version? Do you want a lead teacher that will be more gentle and nurturing, or someone who will push you to be your best and not accept anything less?  Choose according to your goals and intentions.

5. Look for a YTT that fosters community.  In my personal experience, the more the students come together as a family, the better everyone learns.  A new teacher will also greatly benefit from having support from fellow students their first few years out in the real world.  Look for social time together, meals, excursions, dances etc. These activities can help develop the bonds necessary for a safe container for learning.  

For anyone looking for a quality online YTT option, make sure you check out Inner Dimension Academy! With IDA trainings, you’ll be able to supplement your subscription with advanced, in-depth education. All content is pre-recorded so you can start anytime and move through trainings at your own leisure.

By Paul