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Find your flow

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.Intro to <br/>Find your flow.
Intro to
Find your flow
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

In this class, we will lay the foundations of “Finding Your Flow”. After a brief warm-up, we will engage in two short flows designed to enhance your practice. The first flow emphasizes holding each posture for approximately 5 breaths, allowing your mind and body to prepare and cultivate intention. In the second flow, we synchronize movement with breath, using the inhalations and exhalations to deepen our intention and connection to the body. For the third round, we remove the breath cues, allowing you to find your flow based on the natural rhythm of your breath.

Lastly, we flow once more, where you take full control—your breath, your movement, your unique flow. We will explore the interplay between breath and movement, empowering you to discover your personal flow.

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really nice - love Chris little comments lier the friendly foot wobble monster - so true!
Eliane Lachaine
Just the perfect combo between stretch and heat, amazing class!
Kim Riccardi
After a 3 mo hiatus, this was just enough to stretch stagnant spots and retrain my memory on stringing poses together. I was able to keep up and broke a little sweat..looking forward to the rest of the series :)
Jennifer Cevik
I really enjoyed this class and taking class with Chris. After being ill for a while, I am starting back with 30 minute classes. This class with Chris was perfect! I am so grateful there are 6 more classes.
Lovely flow, Chris! It really helps me to focus on the breath and pair it up with the movement. I loved the first series (with the half split and the lounge) because it implies a lot of concentration not to wobble and fall. The second series also needs focus and concentration and did not flow so smoothly with me, so I had to find my own rhythm (I did!!) and that made me also truly happy, as it was MY flow. Thanks for the self-awareness and the joy!