Masterclass 3 What Those Hips Do

A playful exploration of hip mobility and core stabilization that builds toward the front splits (Hanumanasana), as well as lotus pose (padmasana).

Masterclass 5 Hands Are for Standing Too

A powerful-yet-playful exploration of strength building in the shoulders, arms, hands and core that aims to help you feel confident in approaching a variety of arm balances.

Masterclass 6 Heels Over Head

A mindful exploration of core stability and spinal mobility to help you feel confident in approaching a variety of inversions.

Yin Yoga

Life gets busy and can be stressful on the mind and body. In this yin yoga practice, prepare to take refuge into a place of deep inner calm and stillness. As your mind receives a much needed vacation from external stimulation, on a physical level each yin posture will promote hydration and pliability within the […]

8 Limbs of Yoga Journey

Throughout the course of this 200 hour training we have explored in depth Patanjali’s ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga.’ It’s time to move beyond the theoretical understanding and have a direct experience with this prolific framework. This practice will take you on a journey of reflection, gentle movements, breath work, chanting and meditation. We recommend you do […]


Energy, or prana, is the universal fuel of life. The more energy we can generate and harness, the greater the experience of life becomes. In this power yoga class, Travis guides you through sequences dedicated to igniting life force throughout every cell in the body. This class will leave you with a natural yoga high!

Final Practice

Congratulations on completing your online Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training! In this closing practice once again Travis and Lauren co-lead the practice you learned to teach during the course of your training except this time Lauren and Travis integrate the Holistic Yoga Flow elements to give you the full picture of what’s possible now that […]