The practice that ties it all together. We will move and breathe through a simple, yet dynamic flow that incorporates every action of each major joint in the body, and more. Your breath awareness and your presence are your biggest allies. Let’s flow and glow!

Posture 1 Standing Balance

Standing balance postures are generally considered grounding and mildly energizing. They tend to be effective for building strength in the hip stabilizers, especially the one-legged balancing postures, and some are effective for building flexibility mostly in the hamstrings, lower back and hips. Virtually all postures in this category are safe for most wrist, shoulder or […]

Practice 7 Nauli Kriya

A short practice to help you understand the mechanics of nauli kriya, and how to access it in your body.

Practice 9 Spinal Mobility

This practice introduces you to a variety of ways to move your spine, exploring both your active and passive ranges of motion, using concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions.

Practice 12 Arms & Hands Awareness

This practice introduces you to a variety of ways to stretch and strengthen the muscles that move and support your elbows, wrists and hands.