Sleep Well

Join Travis Eliot for a 28-day yin yoga series, "Sleep Well," to dissolve tension and promote a good night's sleep for improved health and wellbeing.
Led by: Travis Eliot
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30 Mins
All Levels
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Sleep Well
30 Mins
All Levels

“Sleep Well” is a 28-day yin yoga series with Travis Eliot to promote a good night’s sleep. Poor-quality sleep is very common in our society and can wreak havoc on our health. Each 30-minute yin class will bring a healing energy to your connective tissues while balancing out the nervous system.

By dissolving accumulated tension and stress from the day, you will increase the likelihood of having a deep, refreshing night’s sleep. Research shows healthy sleep strengthens your immunity, improves brain cognition, enhances your mood, and reduces the chances of illness, such as heart disease, obesity and even cancer.

We invite you to put your pajamas on, and come join us in the evening for the Yin Yoga “Sleep Well” series.

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Kaye Dawson
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! This was an amazing 28-day journey. I feel so calm and peaceful after each session. It is the perfect end to my hectic days. THANK YOU!
Natascha Kessler Demetrius
This has been an absolute gift. The gift of sleeping peacefully and waking up refreshed.
Krisztina Szakal
So beautiful!
T E Rabie
Bless you Travis!
Nora Zietz
Thank you for practicing alongside us. Doubly effective. Thank you.
ZhiHui (Judy) Chen
I have completed this whole program. Love it!
Wes Boyd
Thanks for an awesome yin practice! This program has helped me to sleep better after many years of shift work.
Becca Van Nostrand
This series is such a gift. Thank you for these classes.
Fridolin Full
The program is wonderful, would be better without the music though.
I finished one round and it's so good i reset and will start tomorrow a second round. Travis is amazing, so happy that in found him!!!
This programme is so incredibly relaxing it feels like I'm floating after each session! Such a gift and a great antidote to any tensions that might have built up over the course of a day. Thank you!!!
Alex Calice
Such a wonderful practice, I feel so relaxed and nourished after these beautiful gentle yin sessions with you Travis, thank you! 🙏
Alex Calice
Loving these yin soft yoga practices, they feed my body and soul. Many blessings your way Travis, thank you!
Patricia Swanenberg
Thank you, the music was nice soft en peacefull i did dreamy today with love Patricia
I do these practices almost every night and love them ! It's really a good transition for bedtime.
Levity... so beautiful, I did not want this session to end, is there a longer version?
Amazing 28 nights of restful sleep. Thank you! Highly recommend. Will do it again.