Rise + Thrive

Elevate your mornings with a month-long immersion into meditation and flow-based yoga practices.
Led by: Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, Brittany Lynne, and Mychal Prieto
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
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Rise + Thrive
45 Mins
Strong Flow
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This series, made up of existing IDM TV classes, gives you a month-long immersion into meditation and flow-based yoga practices to enliven your morning and help you set powerful intentions which will support you throughout your day. Get ready to work your body, mind, heart and soul to cultivate positive energy that will help you rise and thrive all day long!

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Venetia Robinson
So beautiful! I too may not be able to commit to 45 minutes at the start of my day, however, committing to the end-of-the-day transition-to-home time is how I will include it in my daily routine
Dina Chambers
I could only do 15 minutes of Day 1 because of all the talking. I love her voice but not throughout the entire workout. Makes it very hard to concentrate on what I'm feeling and trying to connect to myself as the practice suggests was impossible with the constant talking.
Michelle Moody
Just started the 28 day sleep yin yoga series and love it. Was looking at the morning rise and thrive series, the times of each of the classes is too long and not consistent. I work and can only do a shorter class and to build a routine need the class to be the same length of time each day.
Antje Hennegriff
I just finished the series today - I want to say thank you - Mychal, Dana, Lauren, Brittnay and Travis - I really enjoyed every class
Laura Parker
I have tried many yoga sites and by far this is the best!! So professional, great instructors, great variety, just the right amount of challenge and easy to follow. I’ve been recommending it to all my yoga friends!!
Claudia Gabler
I've just finished day 28 - and feel great! Thank you for this rich program, combining gentle, yin and power yoga classes. I loved it! Which program should I start with next? :)
Tina Birch Chimenti
¨To quick, and too much talk,
I started the Transform-Series but didn't feel inspired by it. It just wasn't the right time. I started this series instead. There are some classes I did in the past but the rotation chosen for this 28 days is great. I especially like Laurens first class in the rotation as it is playful and energizing.
Clearly not made for the morning - just old classes recycled
After doing LU108 and attempting Transform, which I didn’t complete due to a heel injury, I started on Rise and Thrive on 1 Feb. Today I’m at Day 10. I’m loving the pace of this series and the meditations. Everyday feels like a little retreat for me.
Today I did Soulute to Summer by Mychal, I have to say: 🎵🎶 WOOOW noce and strong lesson my body very appreciated to did. 🙏 Thank you veryvery much. Adriano 🇮🇹 from Thailand
Today I did Mychel class, just live it . Great routine & so well coordinated . Thx
I think there was a glitch in the system for Class 3. It's a repeat of a class he already did as I did this one over the summer, not something new.
Dana Refresh and Revive... sorry but it just did not do it for me...it was a long 45 minutes...i truly got bored...i dont like leaving negative feedback, but it should, in my opinion as the name suggests, refresh and revive, it does the opposite for me... i wanted to go to sleep
The flow was good, but Lauren talked too much, making it hard to concentrate. I nearly get headache trying to focus with all the talking going on.
Just did the 1st class. Looking through this realized that this is only for 1 week not a month as it states as the same 7 classes are repeated. Liked that we went slowly to get into bird of paradise, but why did we have to rush out? It seems more time is often taken to get into and stay in simple poses but more challenging poses are rushed through. That's a good way to get injured. I liked how we did danurasana on a pillow. It was hard to breathe at first since there was more pressure on my abdomen, but in the end I liked it. It's always so hard for me to focus and concentrate after Lauren's classes. My day is filled with chatter in the head since there is so much talking in the classes. There is no opportunity to quiet the mind and listen to my own body. It leaves me feeling really agitated throughout the day.
Eric Ferreres
Amazing! just found this amazing teachers and program. Signed in today and starting the 28 days program. Just done day 1 and finding myself on top of the world! Looking forward to tomorrow practice. Thank you.