Power Blast

Unleash your inner power with the Power Blast series, three short power yoga classes led by Travis Eliot, and prepare to blast off!
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
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Power Blast
30 Mins
Strong Flow
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There is a power inside of you that water can’t wet, fire can’t burn, wind can’t blow down, and earth can’t crush. This power is indestructible, unshakable, and immeasurable. The Power Blast series, with Travis Eliot, is composed of three short power yoga classes to unleash this inner power. Prepare to blast off!

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Probably one of my favorites! Good flows, awesome cues, and wonderful and powerful music.
Nadine Korpus
nice 20-30 min.classes but after doing LU and PY108, that´s too short to do anything to my body :-)
Good one! Love the blast of power!
do it every Sunday in a row LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Perfect sound, perfect guiding and perfect PLACE TO BE for growing <3
cecilia johnson
This program reminds me of the short and sweet one which by the way I would love if you can add it here too, because it's amazing! My favorite programs are with Travis Eliot, his voice and wisdom speaks to me. The short classes are perfect for a busy lifestyle like mine, having them available leaves no room for excuses lol I’d love to have more short programs in this platform they are pretty amazing, I love the food program too, great job to theretire team that makes the end product so incredible!
Bianca Cainap
I want more. I wish you'll make a 30 day program rocket power that has a hardcore exercise to it. BEST!
wow wow Travis Eliot Thank you so much 🙏🏻 this Morning, after a short night because of a Birthday Surprise night Party of a friend, I did Power Blast#2 & Power Blast#3..... it is really what my Body and my mind needed, perfectly fitted for me on this Day ... I enjoy them both so much and all postures came naturally .... I managed the CrowPose on both side without fighting , just naturally ...I will keep those lessons in my personal Bests and do them again. Thank you to tailor our Yoga so well 🙏🏻✨💖.
Sabine Bühn
hot and spicy :-)
I love the order of sequences in this flow and the music is really adding to that meditative state of mind for me. Namaste.
please adjust the volume of the music. could barely isten to Travis's voice.
I really doubted I could make it about 10 minutes in, but your description of the class reminded me that I have inner reserves so I persevered. Loved it and feel great!
Mariano Lepori
Amazingly powerful flow! Did this for a lunch break and it was the perfect reset to go back and conquer the day, thanks Travis!