Journey to Handstand – Phase 1

Journey to Handstand: Build strength, focus, and confidence with fun practices and drills in this 28-day yoga series.
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
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Journey to Handstand - Phase 1
20 Mins

Handstands are not only a great way to build strength, focus and overall body awareness, they’re also a lot of fun! This 28-day program is designed to give you all the tools you’ll need to help you find your way toward holding a freestanding handstand.

From tips and tricks on technique, to practices and drills that will help you build strength, stamina and confidence, “Journey to Handstand” will challenge your edges while making sure you have fun along the way!

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Amazing! Where is phase 2? Looking forward
Richard Dicketts
Really useful program for helping get the strength and mobility to improve my handstand practice, thanks Bret! Love the music too, it's a nice change from the more traditional music in lots of classes. Just one question, when does phase 2 come out? I guess I'll just reset this series when I'm done until it does!
Great program, "foundational strength" is my favorite I really felt how it impacted in my general practice. I am definitely going to make it a regular of mine. Thanks Brent for this!!!
Day 15 and I can headstand and handstand....... Yieppiiieeee..... Brent is the best.....
Day 8 completed so far and I can already feel my strength building up and my handstands just being drafted, but at least I can tuck or frog without collapsing on the floor. I am really enjoying it and, whether I can hold a full handstand at the end or not, I can see myself a lot closer to it. Faith: still 3 weeks to go!! Thanks, Brent, for such an amazing program!! (I didn't even notice the music until I read the comments... wooops!!!)
Oops, I meant Brent! Sorry! Anyway, thank you for this series!
I love Brett, I love working on handstands, and I actually love the music!!
10/10 program, just completed phase 1 and am able to hold a handstand for around 30 seconds now. Looking forward to phase 2 Brent!
Really challenging. By the way, where can I see the combos, balancing and one hand stand that you mention in the last video?
Bret is fantastic (5* for him), but please do something with the music.
Great content, but the music drives me nuts. It makes feel really angsty. It would be great if there was an option to turn the music off.
Great Lessons... but where is a calendar? :D
I've done day one. I'm looking forward to the rest but the music is quite loud and its hard to hear the voice.