Grief is Grace

Transform grief with yoga in this 4-session series, stoking heat, deepening presence, and finding acceptance.
Led by: Erin Rose Ward
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
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Grief is Grace
30 Mins
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Join Erin Rose Ward for a 4 session series dedicated to supporting the process of grieving and moving through transition. The practices approach grief from four different directions: stoking heat to help transmute energy, holding postures while lengthening breath to deepen into presence, being held in gentility and acceptance, and settling into the timeless space at the center of the center of the heart.

These are short practices meant to support you, especially on the days when you feel overwhelmed. Know that you are not alone, and each time you bring yourself to your mat, you are offering yourself the gift of your own grace.

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Venetia Robinson
Tender, freeing - and so gentle Thank you Erin xxx
Thank you Erin for this wonderful practice! My mother died last week and I was until this point not able to do any kind of practice. I remembered your series and decided to come back to my yoga practice with it. It is so wonderful, loving, kind and helpful. Much love to you!
Glenn Meininger
I love the routines and your deleivery. It's like I;m having an Irish angel guide me
Thank you so much, Erin. The class showed up on the day my father died and I thought, the universe has my back. I did your meditation on that very evening and the evenings to come as well as your classes. They helped me through the grief and I am grateful. And I am still not fully healed and therefore thankful that I can do your practices again and again until I am able to look forward again.
Leah Dockstader
So grateful for your beautiful offerings. Loved the class and your presence. Looking forward to more, thank you.
Corinne Hardegger
Could have done day two for hours... i feel so grounded and with me now. Thank you!
Thank you so much for this series, my husband recently was diagnosed with ALS. I am grieving so many things in my life and this series is helping me move through the emotions. Erin's voice is so soothing, and she explains the movements well. Maggie
camille Gillardeau
Erin you are magic!
Thank you for your gentle and graceful guide through a wonderful practice.
magali millou
what an amazing and loving class. God bless you
Renee Minor
Really enjoying this soothing and centering. The pace, wisdom, and music are perfect. ty
Erin...A massive hug of gratitude for this series. My sister lost her youngest son, my nephew, at 21 years young last December 14th to COVID. I continue to process and heal years of trauma (physical, emotional, psychological) from a violent past marriage. My mom had a stroke awhile back, and my dad 3 heart surgeries...and, the world. This is so timely. So nourishing to meditate and move for myself and my loved ones and humanity. Breathing into the shapes. Shaking out the pain. Your teaching style is as sacred as our inner sacred fire. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Wonderful, Erin! Your gentle presence and calming voice guided me so beautifully through the first class. I can't wait for the others :) Thank you, sweet soul.