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3-Day Online Retreat Part 2


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By popular demand, we’re presenting another version of the 3-Day Inner Dimension Online Retreat! This series is comprised of carefully-curated yoga, meditation, pranayama and wisdom talk classes that will provide you with a powerfully energizing yet restorative experience from the convenience of your home.

This program is suitable for all levels, whether or not you’ve been on a retreat before. Each day will combine various yoga and mindfulness practices that are intended to be done back-to-back and will require 3-4 hours of your time. Feel free to practice each day consecutively, or space the classes out as necessary.

Tips to get ready for a half-day retreat:

– Inform anyone you share space with that you’ll be engaging in an extended period of practice, and ask them to support you in creating the peace and quiet you’ll need.

– Locate a comfortable space and have your yoga mat, any props, meditation cushion, water, and journal & pen nearby.

– Silence your cell phone, eliminate any other distractions and get ready to journey within!

– Feel free to take a 10-minute break when you need it.

– These pre-recorded classes are available to Inner Dimension TV subscribers only. This is not a live-streamed event.

– Feel free to start and end this retreat at a time that is most convenient to you.

Day 1

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