Hidden Treasures 3

Lauren fans rejoice! We put this series together so you can enjoy practice with Lauren for 30 continuous days, with no repeating classes as a bonus! Start with just 15 mins a day, progressing to 20, 30, then 45 mins and before you know it, you’ll have built up to a full 60 min vigorous […]

Fountain of Youth

“Fountain of Youth” is a 28 day yin yoga series filmed in majestic Bali. Yin yoga has the potential to restore youthfulness in the body by promoting hydration in the fascia, improving range of motion, and decreasing the negative effects of stress. Throughout this series Travis will guide you through 20 minute practices. The instruction […]

Moving Meditation

Moving Meditation is a series of five 10 minute classes you can do anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a yoga mat, yoga clothes, or any previous experience. These practices can be done anytime of day, even at your desk, and are especially great for creating a midday shift in your energy, alleviating stress, re-energizing your […]

Test Prep

Welcome to Test Prep, a 5-part mindfulness series for students comprised of meditations to help you lay the groundwork for before, during and after an important test. Section One of this series is designed to support you before and after a study session. Section Two is made up of mindfulness practices to help improve your […]


We all know how beneficial the deep stretching of yin yoga can be, but many of us find it difficult to get into the daily habit of yin. We put this series together to hopefully make stretching a no-brainer habit for you! Start with just 15 mins a day, progressing to 20, 30, then 45 […]

Find Your Flow

Your breath, your movement, your unique flow. We will explore the interplay between breath and movement, empowering you to discover your personal flow.

Trilogy of Strength

Trilogy of Strength is a journey to holistic empowerment of your body, mind and spirit. Class one, “Strength of Body,” empowers your physical form, tapping into the elements of earth and fire, as you strengthen your body, build stamina and ignite confidence. Inspired by the elements of water and air, practice two, “Strength of Mind,” […]


A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or integration. Together, we will transform the body, mind, and spirit throughout this series. We will create new ways of thinking, being, and believing. Our bodies, minds, and hearts will be the alchemical containers, and with the combination of movement, breath, and awareness we will evolve our physical, mental, […]

Wild Yoga

A series of 5 practices meant to help you build up to being able to accomplish more ‘advanced’ postures. Expect to be challenged mentally as well as physically, and prepare to have fun! These classes are intended for advanced yogis who have experience with challenging poses and intense practice. If you engage in this class, […]

Hidden Treasures

For many of us, nothing beats the classic 60-minute vigorous power yoga flow experience. We put together this series to rediscover and cherish some of our favorite all levels power yoga classes that are sometimes forgotten as they’re all stand-alone practices and not part of any original programs or series – true hidden treasures! This […]