Yang and Yin

Without the right balance of Yin and Yang energy your body becomes weak, your mind is in turmoil, your emotional unstable, and you perpetually feel uneasy as if something is always missing. But, when you find the right balance you are strong in the body, clear in the mind, steady emotionally, and you feel as […]

The Arm Balance Buffet

In this series, we will explore common arm-balance poses, and learn how to build, engage, strengthen, and align the body in order to do them properly. This is designed to be a series that people work on over time. Each class will become increasingly challenging. Filmed at this villa: instagram.com/muy_house/

Stability and Flexibility

Your body is not simply a sum of parts! Each of your muscles, joints, and tissues works collectively to produce movement. Join Christine in this 7-class series where each 20-minute class focuses on one specific area of the body. The classes address the body in seven regions: the Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower back, Hips, […]

A Path for Joy

Inside all of us, there is a deep desire for pure joy, true happiness, and contentment. And in reality, that joy already exists within us. Sometimes we just need a little boost to help us tap into it. Joy is a capacity we all have that can be trained and developed by slowing down and […]

Caring for the Anxious Mind

This practical series offers a number of evidence-based techniques to help you cope with and soften anxiety, increase peace, and build resilience in difficult times. When we become aware of the present moment, we can access resources we may not have realized were there all along. This series was originally written by Dana Byerlee and […]

Building a Healthy Spine for Life

Building a Healthy Spine for Life is a 5-class series with Christine Turrentine which will give you tools to build a resilient spine through spinal mobility, strength, and energetic balance.  Each class is 20 minutes in length with 3 power practices and 2 gentle practices. Through practices addressing the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine you […]

Root to Rise From the Ground Up

Welcome to Root to Rise: From the Ground Up. Is your movement practice restricting you? Or expanding your concept of how your body can move? You were designed to move. Alignment is happening all the time. This anatomy-focused 7-part series highlights movement, mobility, stability and strength for different areas of our body starting from the ground […]

Grief is Grace

Join Erin Rose Ward for a 4 session series dedicated to supporting the process of grieving and moving through transition. The practices approach grief from four different directions: stoking heat to help transmute energy, holding postures while lengthening breath to deepen into presence, being held in gentility and acceptance, and settling into the timeless space at the center […]

A Life of Gratitude

Gratitude is medicine for the soul but like any skill it takes practice, patience and compassion to grow this muscle. In this 3 class series, Lauren guides you through 20-minute thematic power yoga practices to open your heart, mind and body with dynamic movement, creative flows and the inspiration to help you awaken to a […]


Giving your wrists, shoulders and upper body a break this series will have you working differently but just as effectively. Each class skips the vinyasa (no planks, Chaturangas, Up Dogs, or Downward Facing Dogs) but will still challenge your balance, improve strength, and invoke the cardio vascular system to give you a well-rounded power yoga […]