Flow and Stretch

“Flow and Stretch” is a 60-day power and yin yoga program that is all about finding the balance of strength and suppleness, sweat and rest, power and yin. For 60 days you can expect to move through about an hour of yoga each day. You will awaken vigor during power yoga, and dissolve tension and […]

A Guided Journey into Deep Restoration

Join Erin Rose Ward in a guided journey into deep restoration. Through the meditative practice of systematic relaxation and Yoga Nidra, you’ll access the innate healing power within while releasing stress, calming the mind, softening into the heart and create energetic harmony within. Traditionally, a 40-day practice is recommended. We encourage you to cycle through […]

Improve Your Focus & Concentration

Improve Your Focus & Concentration: A 7-Week Mindfulness Meditation Series will strengthen your ability to focus, re-focus, and sustain attention. Based on the most recent scientific research emerging from the lab of Dr. Andrew Huberman at Stanford University, this series will improve learning and enhance neural plasticity for greater outcomes at work, home and throughout […]

Memory Boost

“Memory Boost: An 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Series” will leverage your bodily state to improve your memory. Based on the most recent scientific research emerging from the lab of Dr. Wendy Suzuki at New York University, this series will lead to decreases in your stress response, improvements in mood and increased cognitive performance. It is suggested […]

Yoga 45 for 45

Yoga 45 for 45 is a program created by Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom to help you deepen your yoga practice and awaken your unlimited potential. This is the sequel to their popular Yoga 30 for 30 Program. This newer program is comprised of 45 minute classes made up of 16 thematic power yoga classes, […]

Flexibility & Beyond

Welcome to the beginning of a transformative 8-week journey! In this introductory video, Travis will set you up for success by giving you an overview of the program. We are excited for you and can’t wait to begin. Prepare to be supple and flexible in your body, and strong and calm in your mind. May […]