Who is this training for?

We’ve created this training for serious students who have maintained a consistent practice for at least 6 months. The master classes are instructed with the assumption that participants have a foundational understanding of safe, sound alignment for the postures most frequently found in a power yoga practice.

However, we recommend this training for anyone who is serious about their yoga practice, regardless of whether you want to teach or not. What you learn you’ll be able to utilize for the rest of your life. This includes beginners and advanced yogis.

Part 1 focuses on the Holistic Yoga Flow method that is unique from other teacher trainings.

Part 2 will deep dive into poses, alignment and the building blocks of teaching.

Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training (300hrs) focuses on the below. The 300hrs will be composed of 7 modules:

Module 1) Advanced Sequencing (50hrs)- AVAILABLE NOW

Module 2) BreathWork (30hrs)- AVAILABLE NOW

Module 3) Ayurveda (30hrs) – AVAILABLE NOW

Module 4) Yin + Restorative (50hrs) – AVAILABLE NOW

Module 5) Yoga Asana Advancement (30hrs) – AVAILABLE NOW

Module 6) Practical Anatomy Training (10hrs) – AVAILABLE NOW

Module 7) Meditation (100hrs) – (Coming in February 2025)

If you already have a 200hr YTT, Part 1 will be considered continuing education, and you will learn how to teach in the Holistic Yoga Flow style. We’ve had students who have completed other 200hr courses that have greatly benefited from our teaching, so we recommend at least Part 1. However, Part 2 will be more similar to other teacher trainings, and may be repetitive information, depending on the quality of your previous training.

We strongly recommend students to complete the HYF Part 1 + II (200hrs courses) before Advanced Sequencing. You do not need any yoga teacher trainings if interested in the other courses, but you do need to do these in order to receive your 300hrs certificate.

For students who already have completed another 200hrs TT with a separate organization, we recommend at least doing our HYF Part I (30hrs). You do not have to complete HYF Part II (170hrs) unless you would like to.