What is a series vs. a program?

Series are typically comprised of a collection of carefully curated existing and new classes focused on a particular theme to help you explore a particular type or aspect of practice or achieve unique goals. Programs are intended to be a more comprehensive challenge and take longer to produce. There’s usually a specially composed score, and more […]

How do I reset my program status to 0%?

To reset your completion status to 0% after finishing a program and start over, go to the program’s detail page and click RESET PROGRESS. This option is available on both the website and the app.

What programs are included with a subscription?

We offer a variety of programs such as Flow & Stretch, Flexibility & Beyond, Yoga 45 for 45, Level Up 108, and many more! Additionally, we launch a major program each year, introduce a new series every month, and add a class every week!

How do I get access to the Ultimate Yogi?

The Ultimate Yogi is not available on Inner Dimension TV, and we do not offer customer support for this product. However, we strongly recommend that you try Power Yoga 108 instead, which is a newer all-levels 108-day power yoga program from Travis.

Do you offer closed captioning or subtitles on Inner Dimension TV?

At this time, we do not offer closed captioning or subtitles on our platform. However, it’s a feature that’s on our wishlist for future updates. While we don’t have a specific timeline for implementation, we’re committed to making our platform as accessible as possible for all members of our community. Android and Google Chrome users […]

What’s the difference between Gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga?

Gentle Yoga is a slow, sweet and relaxing practice. Gentle Yoga involves very minimal strength-oriented postures, as the intention is to gently dissolve physical tensions and melt away mental stresses. Yin Yoga is holding a relaxed posture for 3-5 minutes, exerting positive stress on the subtle body tissues as a way to trigger the body’s […]

How do Streaks work?

What is the Streak Feature on Inner Dimension TV? Starting Monday, April 29th, 2024, Inner Dimension TV users are invited to participate in our weekly streak challenge! The streak feature encourages consistent practice by rewarding users who complete one class or program video within a week. How Does It Work? Simply put, from Monday morning […]