Who is Inner Dimension TV for?

Inner Dimension TV is for all levels. Everyone is welcome. For those new to yoga, our platform includes “Yoga for Beginners,” a comprehensive 28-day introduction to the foundational poses of Power Yoga to ensure you develop safe, smart alignment. There are also other Gentle, Yin, Restorative, Meditation and Pranayama practices that are perfect for beginners, […]

I am new to yoga. Where do I begin?

If you’re new to yoga, welcome aboard! During the registration process, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a survey. This survey will help us understand your level and where you are in your yoga journey. Once you’ve completed the brief survey, we’ll guide you to the programs that work best for beginners like you!

What program do you recommend for new Inner Dimension TV subscribers?

We offer a wide range of programs suitable for yogis of all levels!  After completing your short onboarding survey, we will suggest some curated programs that we think would best suit you. Alternatively, you can utilize our comprehensive Search feature by typing in keywords or using filters to find your ideal class based on styles, […]

How do I start a 10-day trial?

You can sign up for a 10-day trial at innerdimensiontv.com/join. You will simply need to choose between a monthly or annual subscription, and then enter in your login credentials and billing information. If Inner Dimension TV is not right for you, simply cancel your subscription before the trial is over. The date your credit card […]

What will I need to practice yoga?

We suggest you have a yoga mat and any suggested props mentioned before each practice. Restorative Yoga relies on the use of props, so for these practices we suggest having 1-2 yoga blocks, and a yoga bolster or stack of folded blankets.