What music was in that class?

We’re so happy you have enjoyed the music in our yoga classes. We put a lot of time and effort into selecting pieces or creating original scores for our classes, programs and series. For our weekly classes, we often select music from a couple different music licensing sites. For our original programs, we work with […]


How it works The refer-a-friend program works if you, as an active and paying subscriber, refers a friend who signs up and becomes an active and paying subscriber. Signing up for a trial and canceling before the trial is up does not qualify. You will receive the value of one month’s credit in your account. […]

When will I hear back from customer service?

We strive to provide timely customer service during business hours (Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time – Los Angeles). On occasion we will respond during the evenings, weekends and on holidays, but if you do not hear back immediately you will receive a response the following business day.

Can I practice a class without music?

Most of our newer classes will offer an option to practice without music. On the website: To turn off music, click on the profile button and then select SETTINGS. Choose the option “Default to No Music when supported?” This will make the website video player default to the “No Music” track whenever possible. Alternatively, to […]