What’s the distinction between choosing SD and HD when downloading a video?

For mobile devices, we suggest using SD (Standard Definition) for quicker downloads and better storage efficiency. However, if you’re using a larger screen like a tablet, you might prefer downloading videos in High Definition. SD videos have a resolution of 480p, while HD videos boast a resolution of 720p.

How many classes can I download?

We would recommend you don’t download more than 10 classes a time. Please be aware that you won’t be able to use Chromecast with downloaded classes due to hardware limitations. However, you might have success with screen mirroring devices like Airplay.

How do I disable the music?

To turn off music, click on the profile button at the bottom of the app, then toggle to “Default to No Music.” This setting allows you to view and download classes without music. However, please note that some classes may not offer a no-music option.

Firestick Questions

Unfortunately, we don’t specifically support Amazon Firestick at this time. However, members using the Firestick have been able to cast from our App by first downloading an app called Airstream onto their Firestick. If casting from a PC to a Smart TV with a Firestick, users must first power on the TV before initiating casting […]

Do you have an app?

Yes, we have iOS, Apple TV, and Android apps, which are available in their respective stores. You will need to sign up for a subscription first at innerdimensiontv.com/join before signing in to the app.

Can I stream your app to my TV using “x” device?

iOS App Apple TV: Yes! Our app was designed to cast to your TV from an iPhone or iPad via AirPlay. You can also just use our Apple TV app too! Please note we will be releasing a new version of the Apple TV app with the new features and improvements later in 2024. Chromecast: […]

I can’t log in to the app but I can log in to the website

If you have a saved password in your desktop/laptop computer browser, please try logging in and typing the password manually vs. letting the browser log you in automatically. If it’s the correct password, type the password into the Notes app, and then copy and paste it into the Inner Dimension TV app. Just make sure […]

I added a class to Favorites and it’s not showing up

After favoriting a class, navigate to Favorites (indicated by the heart icon), and swipe down. Your favorited class should appear immediately. If it does not appear, try closing out the app and opening it up again.