Online • 200HRS

Holistic Yoga Flow
Teacher Training (Part 1: 30HRS)

5 Masterclasses + 16 Lectures

Part 1 of the online 200 hour Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training constitutes 30 hours’ worth of training and includes 5 Master Classes, 16 Lectures, a Digital Manual, an optional 3-Day Calendar and access to our exclusive private HYF Community Group. Upon completion, you will receive a 30 hour HYF certificate authorized by Inner Dimension Academy.

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What People Are Saying

Valerie Jalet
I’ve just finished the first part,30 hours ,of teacher training ,I’m so proud of me .what I appreciate the most is the philosophy of yoga ,yoga as a concept ,a philosophy that must be spread throughout the world.through week directed and ordered and ,commented ,yoga becomes a true philosophy for an harmonious and better life . Holistic yoga is a true school of life wher we learn that everything is already within us but we ignore it, What I loved about this first part was to learn so many things about the philosophy,the pranavayus ,the dimensions ,and the fact that it was possible in one practice to unite everything!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Valerie Jalet
Finding the holistic elements in that last practice “living with purpose”was a real pleasure ,more than bein holistic this flow is a real life philosophy! Learning to store energy through breathing and then redistribute it to the body and then out of our mat,in life. Knowing how to direct it where we want it to go,and not reacting but acting on ourselves to stay equanimous, This last practice is a real bible a true philosophy of life . All with spirit,humor,knowledge,Travis makes sure we never get bored . Thank you
Valerie Jalet
Thank you for that beautiful flow .it’s ma second time practicing this igniting intention flow .what a powerful flow .the intention is igniting and I could say my intention now is to teach as a such motivating way.during this flow which intention was igniting,I had chosen mine :to release my angryness. This flow was so fluid,Travis was so captivating by his poetry,his knowledge,that I could activate the compassion towards myself at all levels .I was able to digest a good part of this anger thanks to the fire of this practice. Gratitude. !
Valerie Jalet
I’ve just finished the «  living with purpose «  power yoga flow ,it s an amaizing flow A practice combining knowledge,creativity,where the 6 dimensions of the human are reached. I forgot ,the physical aspect!!! I must admit thank you for the Py 108 program which I’ve done and that I redo at the moment for the second time .this program is fabulous for its physical intensity but I would add ,doing it for the second time ,also for the humility and the gentleness to yourself you must have to achieve it. Thank you Travis thank you Laureen ,thank you the community.
Johannes Lehr
I just finished the restorative masterclass... I really didn't expect a lot from it, cause I am so deeply in love with the power yoga so I couldn't see any benefit from laying on a pillow xD After the practice I just started crying and I don't even know why. This is very untypical for me as can't remember when I really cried the last time. It was somehow freeing as if a big stone was lifted off my heart... I don't know if this is normal or if am just turning crazy... anyway thank you for that incredible experience.
Shilpi Saxena
Hi!! I've just completed my training of 30hrs. It has been a wonderful experience and feel blessed to have Yoga teachers like Travis and Lauren. What I liked most about this course was to know about the 6 Dimensions and how feel and incorporate it in our practices. Thanks and lots of Gratitude 🙏
Samanta Fernandez
I am forever grateful for this beautiful course. Your energy is amazing, thank you for sharing so much knowledge, and all of these transformative practices.
Emma Geffrault
I can't express how grateful I am for the amazing content, it definitely helped me deepen my practice and get the tools to teach others. I can't be tired of doing the same practice ever and ever, they are like a piece of the best dark chocolate.
Paula Vila
Wonderful teachers. Much more enjoyable than anticipated but also very challenging with a lot of information to absorb. Lauren and Travis are gracious and skilled and very qualified Yogi's. Lovely experience. Now onto the 2nd half...
I can't stop repeat it day by day - I'M SO GRATEFUL I had found this community at innerdimension - thx Lauren and Travis for your being. For me it is the perfect fit t all my personal growing - it makes it to whole circle and completes my journey. One of best decision to do this HTT. INSPIRING AND HIGHLY RECOMMENED <3 <3 <3 much love from Munich...
Yun grider
Thank you Travis & Lauren i learned so much . new i am ready for 2nd part thank you again for opening my eyes for Yoga.
Just finished part I. Took me two weeks and I would say over 30 hours, but I have taken a ton of notes and tried to internalize much of what we did in the master-classes and the lectures. Glad I have written down the road-map that I can now continue to study and incorporate into my classes and life. My brain is a bit tired, and parts of my body as well....probably a good sign. Huge gratitude to Travis and Lauren as always and looking forward to part II. Onwards and upwards. Namaste, Erik Berridge (-:
Andrea Funes
I finally finish Part I of this HYF Teacher Training course. I feel so happy to be certified by Travis and Lauren, thank you very much. You are amazing teachers, loving and respectful of our times and possibilities. Muchas gracias!
Andrea Funes
Amazing YIN YOGA class Travis. Thank you so much.
Andrea Funes
It is so fascinating to hear you Travis, explaining the branches of YOGA, it´s so inspiring the joy you show when doing it. I feel so happy learning from you. Thanks a los IDM TV. Saludos desde Mendoza, Argentina.
Andrea Funes
Hi all! I just finished the first class. Thank you teacher! Amazing and powerfull class. Thanks a lot for the opportunity of being part of this fascinating YOGA world. Regards from Mendoza, Argentina. AndreaYoga
Linda Yang Poirier
Thank you for these first 30 hours of training! Travis and Lauren, your lectures and practices are so rich with information and inspiration. It is a joy to learn with you and I look forward to having these videos to refer back to later on as I continue to deepen my yoga practice and eventually teach my own classes.
emmely van der valk
I am following your yoga classes for months now and i love them. And not only the classes but also your holistic view to life and yoga is so inspiring. That is why i decided to start your yoga teacher training. I already have a yt certificate but always felt i was missing something and i really feel this training will give me that last missing piece.
In the first Mater class I experienced a little release by Chanting "RAM" & "OM" I had tears in my eyes and cried. I honestly can't remember, If I ever had this during my practice. I think, it was the feeling of pure gratitude to enter this training. It took me 2/3 weeks, I did in a slowly but intense pace. I've learned so much and I got a total new perspective about my environment, I was aware before, but this program brought me on a new Level. THANK YOU so much TRAVIS & LAUREN! For giving us the opportunity to spread the Yoga knowledge! :)
Sunilda Lineberry
I’m so exciting I’m doing yoga for years, your are the perfect people for teaching me, thanks 😊 my dream will Come true🙏 I will take my time to this journey with grace love and sincerity Namaste 🙏 Sunilda Lineberry
Avanthi Jayasinghe
I just did the first class and it was beautiful. Thank you 😊 Avanthi - Sri Lanka
Zeta Tsatsani
I came across Travis' classes on youtube as I was searching for different yoga styles to practice. Immediately realized that this was not just another yoga class. I loved it. Then I watched more and more and decided to do the training, even though I was into my 200hour YTT. I absolutely love Travis and Lauren teaching style, Travis' storytelling gift, I love the classes, the lectures, the music and also the production of these videos are amazing- really great. Although I had signed up initially only of the 30hours, I want to do the whole thing. I want to be able to not only deepen my own practice but also to incorporate holistic yoga training into my own teachings. Thank you for this amazing training.
I am a yoga teacher and embarked on this 30 hour journey with Travis and Lauren. Using the Beginners mind...:) for me it is absolutely inspirational, informative, exciting and magical... Thank you Travis and Lauren for this remarkable journey.. I am honoured to have come across Inner Dimensions. It has changed my yoga teaching. Thank you!!!!
Ivan Padilla
Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to an unlimited path of Yoga!!
Andrea Karačić
I love this training so much. I am so inspired and happy. I can’t wait to start part 2. Thank you Lauren and Travis for this opportunity.🤍
Roshni Gajjar
I feel immensely honored to be part of this program. It has an incredibly authentic energy - looking forward to 200 hours of inspiration. Warm greetings to all those who share this transformative journey. I'm not great on FB so happy to share alternate details as we grow "alone together". With Inspiration, Roshni.
Mag. Claudia Dieckmann
DEAR TEACHERS, DEAR ALL! Very thankfully appreciating what you do ! Thank you for all the work you have done for us, even if we do not know. Very thankful also for the opportunity to do the training online! Right product at the right time and: very good teachers! Blessings, health, wealth and many many good times! Claudia, Vienna, Austria
What a comprehensive program! I have been a member of IDTV for the past 15 months and done many of the programs like LU108. But wanted to deepen my practice and get a better understanding of the work. This is the best program to do that. I don’t intend to teach but to grow. Today’s opening practice was so beautiful. Thank you Lauren and Travis for your generosity.
This has been a true blessing on all levels. Getting certified by Travis and Lauren is a dream come true. I have been trying to find the right school to get my yoga teacher's training for years, but with my crazy work schedule, traveling for 5-6 weeks was never an option. I also never had a yoga instructor that was this close to my heart, that I could relate to, that speaks to my soul like Travis and Lauren do. I never thought getting certified online could be that emotional. The experience is so real, honest and genuine. There is so much effort put behind curating the content from setup, to sequence to music... it is just flawless. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I can't wait to share the knowledge and teachings I have learned with my community. Much love!
Love this training, a great way to deepen your practice and learn more about the secret sauce that makes IDM so special!

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