Yin For Runners

20 min

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Many of us know that yoga alone is not enough of a cardio vascular workout to keep our hearts healthy for the long term. As a result we cross train weaving together different forms of exercise to ensure overall health. But the combination of weight-based strength training and cardio workouts can add tension to the posterior chain of the body. To help unwind this tension, enjoy 20 minutes of yin yoga with a sequence based in the most recent research on how to increase range of motion and designed especially for post-cardio workouts. Unlike other yin yoga practices this class moves through a circuit of yin postures three times holding each pose for 30 seconds to increase flexibility and range of motion in the hamstrings, glutes and low back. If your intention is to increase range of motion in the posterior chain of the body, try repeating this practice 3 to 5 times a week. Have two blocks and a strap for this practice.