Welcome Home

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.Welcome <b>Home</b>.
Welcome Home
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
45 Minutes

When the mind/attention is focused on the breath moving throughout the dimensions of the body, we are essentially home. This 40 minute practice is here to offer just that. The opportunity to drop the mind into the body, through breath, through Asana. We will be moving and breathing through foundational poses at a steady pace. Welcome home. 

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Jaizel Lopez
Adi Cohen Haeusler
Thank you ist was perfct
Helen Davis
Wonderful practice, great to move through familiar poses mindfully and make micro adjustments, really helpful. Not a power class but moving slowly can be intense. Thank you so much.
Diane Davies
Thank you so much Mychal for a blissful restorative class - it really helped me this morning.
Nicky Breedt
"Stillness in motion"... really resonated with me. Absolutely wonderful practice!
really good. thks
Eleni Kourakou Grbic
thank you !so grateful !
Martha Ledesma
Thank you for a beautiful practice
Renee Minor
A wonderful class to s l o w down with gentle reminders to focus on breath with each precise movement. Such a calming and supportive voice.
Manal Sorour
This is very deep practice, though slow and meditative in motion yet had very strong in effect on me on the emotion mental and physical level. Thank you
Awesome, Mychal. The perfect practice for those days you just want to enjoy the sound of your breath, move mindfully and take one thing at a time (exactly what I needed today). Great to do morning or evening time also to chill and relax. Loved it!! Thanks so much!
Caron Lynn
Just sublime. A great way to come home to your body and breath and cultivate Zen beginner's mind
This is a very slow feel it all class, border line beginner. It is not a power yoga class, it is between a gentle and restorative class.