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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Slow Flow
Gentle Yoga
45 Minutes

This practice is perfect for beginners or those looking for a slow, steady flow with an exploration into Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle poses.

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Slow pace is always a bliss for the slow days. Asanas are still equally challenging, but the milder speed makes it a lot more enjoyable for those days that the world needs to slow down within us. Thanks so much, Travis!!
Nora Zietz
Lovely practice for those of us with injuries, particularly tears in the rotator cuff muscles. I still had to alter the downdogs, but benefited enormously from this time with Travis.
sometimes it is good to get back to basics as a reminder... thoroughly beneficial and enjoyable.
Slow paced basic practice, very enjoyable and leaves you feeling calm while revitalised. The bonus is Travis talking to Yoga philosophy, always so inspiring and motivating.