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Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
30 Minutes

It is said that “we can’t pour from an empty cup.” This is a unique acupressure and self-massage practice inviting in love for all of the major meridian pairs so that we may invite a healthy flow of Qi throughout our entire being. More details about each of the acupressure, reflexology and auriculotherapy points in this practice are in your Vital Recharge series workbook.

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Antje Hennegriff
Such a loving session - I enjoyed it very much - thank you so much Brittany
Margrit Schlatter
Thank you for this wonderful practice Brittany. I recently hurt my right wrist and this practice helped me release tension in my wrist and arm.🙏
Dawn Angela
Just what I need at the moment. I really enjoyed it. Thanks very much
Lucas Zielasko
My new favorite! I've been practicing this class at least once a week, sometimes 2! The first time I did this class it was early morning. It helped me to release so much tension (I didn't know I was carrying) that I was literally floating the rest of the day! I actually took the day off from work and just glided through the day! haha Thank you for such a wonderful sequence!
Gorgeous practice! Been feeling cranky and with pain in the last few days and this was the perfect practice to just go into myself, offer some love to my body and be aware of every part of it (yeap, some parts were truly tender!). It is also a practice than brings peace and calm (Brittany's voice and personality also have that calming effect) which is very much needed in certain days. Namaste, Brittany. Thanks a million for this!!
Delphine Lefebvre
Very sweet, I loved it!