Science of Yin Yoga

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.Science of <b>Yin Yoga</b>.
Science of Yin Yoga
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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Yin Yoga

Once you understand scientifically what happens when you hold a deep stretch, you will forever be inspired to practice yin yoga. Travis explains the effect yin yoga has on the connective tissues and deep fascia. He also presents how yin yoga affects the nervous system, and why this is one of the most potent forms of preventative medicine, due to its parasympathetic activity.

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A very informative and helpful summary of the importance of yin yoga. Enjoy it!
Karen Lambourn
Brilliant insight to how the body works. Love the way you teach and make everything understandable
Cyril Russel-Harris
Travis, you are fascinating and your voice is soothing. I am looking forward to experience the benefits of this program that I was introduced to by Erin Carson with ECFIT. Thank you!!
I have studied facial science from the top in the field. You, Travis have a gift of teaching! You are on Spot and know your science. I appreciate your knowledge and respect the time and professionalism You poured into this.
So informative. I am really thankful I found this channel. So many amazing programs.