The Middle Path

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.The Middle <b>Path</b>.
The Middle Path
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
90 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
90 Minutes

In this LIVE class, Travis guides you through a dynamic power yoga flow themed around balance and how to travel ‘The Middle Path.’ This practice has challenge, sweetness, daily wisdom, breath work and deep relaxation. Enjoy!

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Powerful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Left me sweaty, exhausted, and calm all at the same time!
Guido Hundrup
i really like this long classes!
mutlu dinckok
great fullll length balanced practice. thank you. loving the longer classes always.
Anne-Katrin Harb
Amazing class - I love those 90 minutes. No crazy poses but full commitment. Locked gates and doors - no escape from yourself, ending in bliss.
Laura neal
Wow, Travis! This is one of your most challenging classes. I practice yoga everyday and I'm still sore! Excellent class, top notch!
Laura neal
Wow,Travis! This is one of your most challenging classes. I practice yoga everyday and I'm still sore! Excellent class, top notch!
Guille Montenegro
Excelente, muchas gracias
Laura Goellner
wow the live classes are amazing. also the length is something really special. i really loved the brrath work and meditation at the end, too. really looking forward to more of those. 🙏 Thank you and Namaste.
Such a good class, it really made me sweat, and it was full of fun, as always thank you for teaching!
Irina Tashkinova
I love that, thank you very much!!!
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
never ending class, for real! so good though wish i was there
it is great class. it could be even better if Ryan could put his music into it. then it would be PERFECT! Thanks for beeing here for us outsiders!
Julie Fongemy
Amazing as always, thank-you so much!!
Renee Minor
Thanks for the inspiring wisdom and gentle nudging throughout class. Happy to be part of the live class through IDTV.
Beautiful practice Travis, thank you! I would love to see more of these longer classes on the platform.
Toni Pescud
Wow ...full on class..really good but you just kept on coming Travis...My entire body feels the poison quote also :)