The Focus Meditation

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.<b>The Focus</b> Meditation.
The Focus Meditation
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
10 Mins
All Levels
10 Minutes

If there’s one thing that separates the mediocre from the great it’s the quality of focus. Are you in control of your mind, or is your mind in control of you? It’s the difference between being a victim and being empowered.

Travis will guide you through a repetition meditation, known as japa, as a way to enhance the muscle of focus in your mind.

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Veneta Merdzhanova
Loved it, thank you Travis. I was thinking of my purpose and found out I am alreadyliving it as opposed to what I thought when I began practicing today. My mind was so unsteady. I also thought of my neughbour who told me she's unhappy yesterday, felt compassion and understanding. My mind wandered and went back to ram once again and again....Was super suiting. Lovely.
Kim Steenkamp
What a wonderful peaceful , calming meditation i love it.
One of my favorite meditations on this platform ❤️🙏
a beautiful and calming meditation. Loved the Ram mantra. Thank you.
Was nice [ minus the “ram” ]...I just envisioned my own focus mantra.